“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

A Tale of Two Prophets and the Legitimate Innocence of Muslims

A young boy in Bhenghazi, Libya, apologizes to America and denounces the Jihadist’s ideals of “The Prophet”.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2012, Americans awoke on the 11th anniversary of 911 to remember their dead who were unjustly murdered in the terrorists attacks of Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001. Like many Americans, I had some apprehension of this date, and suspected the Jihadists would seize upon this anniversary to kill more innocent people. And indeed they did.

While Washington is determined to offer bogus explanations as impotent and unbelievable as their past and present psuedo leadership, the facts and the evidence defy their attempts to lay the blame for this latest assault on the short clip of a movie called “Innocence of Muslims” on Youtube.  A movie that actually premiered to a tiny audience in California in June, months before these attacks occurred.

Following the murder of Ambassador Stevens, as the days unfolded, militant Jihadists by the thousands responded to the rallying call of Al Qaeda and openly reared their heads, calling for the destruction of all of our embassasies, and the murder of all of our ambassadors.  Thus, our embassies were attacked and assaulted worldwide.  In Tunisia, the children attending an American school across the street from the embassy barely escaped with their lives as Jihadists, not content to attack the embassy, turned  their twisted rage on the school itself.

And to the dismay of Washington who was determined to portray this as anything BUT a terrorist attack, the facts also reared their heads, and it became clear: The murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans was an all out planned and well coordinated terrorist attack – not a gathering of local Libyans angry over a video.

My initial reaction to seeing my countrymen once more brutally and senselessly murdered, my flag burned, and global jihadists screaming “Death to America”, as they rallied their minions by the thousands worldwide? I will tell you frankly: My reaction was gutteral. Furious. Outraged.  I was ready to loose the drones. Bomb every last one of them right there were they stood, and their Muslim nations as well.

Libya, perhaps above all, was the cruelest slap in the face.  Had I not supported their bid for freedom and the overthrow of their dictator, Quadaffi? Yes, I had. Wholeheartedly.  I knew as did many, that there were risks involved, very dangerous risks.  But I believed they were sincere in their bid for liberty, just as our patriots were when our revolution occured.  So I knew there were grave risks, but I sincerely hoped that Libya would be freed, and able to embrace the democracy and freedom she appeared to long for.  As of last week, I felt betrayed – like a foolish and naive fool who had been deceived.  Where were the brave and stalwart Libyan rebels who had fought so hard against such great odds while awaiting aid from NATO?

Suddenly it seemed that it had all been a ruse. They weren’t brave rebels at all. They were blood thirsty maniacs who had duped the American people into aiding them.

In that same Libya, one of our finest statesmen and three other Americans had just been murdered.  And in Egypt, whom I had cheered on as well, there they stood, rabid dogs in a screaming incoherent frenzy – looting, burning, cursing, and condoning the senseless and outrageous murder once more of innocent Americans, holding up signs demanding that I “Respect the Prophet”. How dare they? Respect their prophet? You’ll see Hell freeze over first, was my thought.

How am I to respect their Prophet, I wondered, when all I have ever seen of Islam is hatred and the murder of innocents, with the stated objective of worldwide dominion of tyranny via Sharia law?

Like most Americans, and any who have studied history, I am opposed to the slander and scapegoating of any religion or segment of society.  If anyone does not understand the danger of such unjust scapegoating, see Hitler.  It was thus that he sent six million innocent Jews to the death camps and ovens of Auschwitz and Dachau.  It is such hatred that the Jihadists themselves utilize to scapegoat Americans and Israel, in their zeal for power and dominion.

It is the same spirit which moved Hitler that moves these Jihadists today: Destruction of the Jews and worldwide dominion of tyranny.  Had Hitler been stopped before he gained the power that Iran seeks today, World War 2 would never had occured. Millions globally would have been spared.  Like Hitler, who was once no more than a petty tyrant on the local scene, we are someday going to have to face the evil agenda of Iran.  Far better to do so now, than later, when their power and military might increases.  When considering the very plausible threat of Iran we should remember this bitter lesson from World War 2, before it is once more, too late.

Like most Americans, I am able to understand that the radicals in any movement do not represent the entire populace.   So since the attacks of 911, I have made it a point to distinguish between Jihadist terrorists and “peaceful Muslims”.  Notwidthstanding that the only face of Islam I have ever seen has been that of the Jihadists.  And I have no tolerance for such terrorists.  My own personal research into the Global Jihad has shown me that we cannot lose this war.  If we fail to halt the Global Jihad, the world as we know it will succumb once more to a dark age the likes of which we have not seen since the Inquisition.

What we are battling here are the last vestiges of the dark age mentality which is perpetrated by these Jihadists.  Savage, brutal, and deadly, they will not cease until they have their way or are utterly destroyed in the process of trying to do so.  Let us hope for the latter.  Nevertheless, though I’ve never personally known any peaceful Muslims, I was confident they were out there.

By the end of last week however, as I watched thousands of Muslims respond to the clarion call of Al Qaeda as they lined up behind the insane blood lust to further the attack, I had all but decided Islam was nothing short of purely evil – and I became certain, that there were no “peaceful Muslims”, or if they were out there, they were tiny islands in a sea of evil intent. Perhaps they were not even “real” Muslims, but rather a watered down version of a hateful and cruel philosophy from Hell which is cloaked under the guise of God and “religion”.

Enraged and heartbroken that once more, America and Americans were being attacked by nothing more than stone age tyranical rabid animals determined to destroy her, I viewed the pictures of Ambassador Stevens. I viewed picture after picture of the fires burning, the mob cursing and screaming, burning our flag, and commiting blatant acts of war on our sovereign soil overseas.

And I wondered: Why do we tolerate these people? They have no other desire than to see every non-Muslim man, woman and child in America, and around the globe, slaughtered.  We are the greatest military might on earth. We could have, and should now, stop trying to wage a “civilized war”, and utterly destroy them, and their nations.  There can be no peace I decided, until we do.

And then I saw “other” pictures.  And these too, were moving.  These too, demanded recognition.  And  these too, will forever be engraved in my mind with the myriad of scenes I beheld this past week.  For at last, I saw peaceful Muslims.

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I still cannot view the pictures of Ambassador Stevens without tears and rage.  But as the men, women, and children of Bhenghazi stand in the streets of Libya and hold out homemade signs declaring their hearts, these pictures inspire tears too.  And gratitude.  These people are as distant and far on the spectrum from these Jihadists as most Americans.  In their efforts to console us, they share our sense of pain and loss, and they apologize for crimes they did not commit.  They  implore us to realize this is not their Prophet, and it is not their Islam at work amidst the flames and blood stained hands of evil men. They denounce the Jihadists as the murderer’s that they are, and they remember Ambassador Stevens with gratitude, and condolences.

Based on what I know of the Global Jihad, and after what I have seen this past week, I am still very wary of Islam.  I don’t know which “prophet” is the real prophet of  their faith: The prophet of the diabolical Jihadists or the prophet of the innocent and sincere citizens of Libya?  At this point, I really cannot say.  But what I can say is that it is wrong to scapegoat and revile innocent people (see above).  When we do so, we ourselves are no better than Hitler, and the Jihadists.  Perhaps among the photos of the faces and condolences of the citizens of Benghaze we are seeing the true and LEGITIMATE “Innocence of Muslims”.  For indeed, they are innocent of these heinous crimes.

As for “The Prophet”, it appears to me that even he may have fallen prey to the evil of these fanatics – as Jihadists in typical zealot fashion may have perverted and hijacked his teachings – as soundly as did the Catholic church pervert Christianity centuries ago, via the heinous persecution of innocents during their reign of terror known as The Inquisition. If this indeed be the case, I would appeal to all peaceful Muslims to take an open and public stand, and join the civilized and free world in shunning any and all forms of Jihadist radical Islam.

And finally, I want the Jihadists held accountable on every level for what they have done to my country, and to my fellow countrymen, and to all of the innocent people worldwide that they have slaughtered, oppressed, and destroyed.

But from these honest and heartfelt images of Bhenghazi citizens, I cannot ask for more –  and I no longer feel like a fool for supporting their bid for freedom.  If he survives the days to come, I hope that long after I am old and dead and gone, that young boy in those photos will someday tell his children and grandchildren of the war to take back his country, and of the friendship and aid his American friends provided to liberate Libya.  I hope the people of Libya someday stand as we do: Guardians and partakers of liberty, inheritors of their fathers who fought a revolution to secure their freedom.  As for the Jihadists, I have no doubt, their day of reckoning will come.  I hope I am there to see it, and I hope it comes swiftly and utterly destroys their wicked bid for power.

“With good men I will reason. With sane men I will plead.  But to Tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost.” ~William Lloyd Garrison

*Photos of Bhenghazi supporters courtesy of Imgur.

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