“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Newly Released Video Shows Chris Stevens Alive as Libyans Attempted Rescue

There are few who have not seen the horrific photos of Libyans handling the body of murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens in the aftermath of the attack on the US Consulate in Bhenghazi.  This morning a new video has been released.  It answers many painful questions the previous photos left us to ponder.  In the photo’s of Ambassador Stevens released last week in the immediate aftermath of the attack, it was unclear if those around him were hurting him, or helping.

We no longer have to wonder.  Over at the New York Daily they have posted a newly released live video of Libyan rescuers attempting to rescue Chris Stevens, and they have also written an article translating the statements of those who found him.

Quoting the article from the New York Daily:

Soon after the attack, Libyan civilians roamed freely around the trashed  consulate, its walls blacked and furniture burned. Among them were the  videographer al-Bakoush, and a photographer and art student he often works  with.

They heard a panicked shout, “I stepped over a dead man,” and  rushed to see what was going on, al-Bakoush said. The body had been found inside  a dark room with a locked door accessible only by a window. A group of men  pulled him out and realized he was a foreigner and still alive.

He was breathing and his eyelids flickered, al-Bakoush said. “He was alive,” he  said. “No doubt. His face was blackened and he was like a paralyzed  person.”

Video taken by al-Bakoush and posted on YouTube shows Stevens  being carried out of the room through a window with a raised shutter. “Bring him  out, man,” someone shouts. “Out of the way, out of the way!”

“Alive,  Alive!” come other shouts, then a cheer of “God is great.”

The next  scene shows Stevens lying on a tile floor, with one man touching his neck to  check his pulse. Al-Bakoush said that after that scene, they put Stevens in a  private car to rush to the hospital.

*End Quote, New York Daily. For entire article and live video of attempted rescue, click here

The Washington Post has also posted and narrated the video here.  What is also telling in the narrated video at the Washington Post, is that for the first time, Americans are seeing hard evidence via the weaponry displayed in this video, that this was not just a “local mob”, but a well armed militant force who performed these attacks.

*Still Photo of Chris Stevens courtesy of New York Daily

Note: There is considerable controversy on whether or not this was an actual rescue or not.  What is known is that the Ambassador ended up at the hospital in the throws of death from smoke inhalation and he subsequently died upon arrival there.  Supposedly he was taken there by these who appear to have rescued him as he was dying.  Some say he was abused and drug through the streets.  I will not disrespect his memory based on rumor.  I can only go by the evidecne that he was delivered to the hospital, translation of the video, and the facts as presented by the news.  This is all I know for certain.


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