“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Terrorists Responsible for Uprising: As the Facts Emerge, Obama Administration is Proven Incompetent

A Salifist Jihadist in Egypt, following the election, where his party received 25% of the vote.

Osama bin Laden is dead.  Or is he? Meet Sufyan bin Qumu, a former Gitmo detainee officials now believe is responsible for the attack on the US Libyan consulate that resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens.  The Defense Department file on Sufyan Bin Qumu has been posted here, containing his extensive record of Jihadist activities, and his known associations, including a likely link with the Jihadists who performed the beheading on live video of American Paul Johnson.  One of his aliases was also found on the laptop of 911 attack financier, Mustafa Al Awsawi.  He is reportedly a leader of the Libyan based Islamic Salafist militant group, Ansar al-Shariah, with strong ties to Al-Qaeda.

The Defense Department report also contains an assessment of his potential threat level, and an extensive record of his personal profile, and known links.  You can read and review the entire report at the link above.

Journalists at Fox News broke the story yesterday. Quoting their initial report:

Intelligence sources tell Fox News they are convinced the deadly attack on  the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was directly tied to Al Qaeda — with a  former Guantanamo detainee involved.

That revelation comes on the same day a top Obama administration official  called last week’s deadly assault a “terrorist attack” — the first time the  attack has been described that way by the administration after claims it had  been a “spontaneous” act.

“Yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy,”  Matt Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said during a  Senate hearing Wednesday.

End quote, Fox News: Al-Qaeda, ex-Gitmo detainee involved involved in consulate attack intelligence sources say

Washington Repeatedly Claimed Attack Was “Spontaneous”

This past week, the Obama administration has either intentionally misled the American people, or they have repeatedly demonstrated their incompetence in foreign policy.

Within 24 hours of the attack, Libya’s new Deputy UN Ambassador, Ibrahim Dabbashi, emphatically stated the attack was done by “extremists”.  Within 48 hours, Libya had arrested at least 4 individuals implicated in the attack, and had begun interrogations.  Subsequently, Libya’s newly elected president, Mohamad Magariaf, also reitterated it was a terrorist attack.

Throughout the week, counterterrorism experts, and officials speaking on condition on anomynity also stated the attack was too well planned and coordinated to be anything other than a planned terrorist attack.  Nevertheless, Washington, ignoring the September 11 date of the attack, repeatedly stressed to Americans and the world that Ambassador Stevens and the consulate, bombarded by rocket propelled grenades and mortars with precision strikes, had been assaulted by a “spontaneous” event via a mob enraged over the video, “Innocence of Muslims”.

While the middle east went up in flames, and Obama was burned in effigy as thousands screamed “Osama not Obama”, Al-Qaeda leaders openly rallied their minions by the thousands, and called for further attacks worldwide and assasinations of all US ambassadors.  During this same time, while the bodies of slain ambassedor Chris Stevens and three other Americans were in route to the US, on Friday, September 14, White House Secretary Jay Carney, stepped from behind the curtain at Oz to once more state the official White House position of the Obama administration:

“This is not a case of protest directed at the United States at large or at  U.S. policy,” said White House press  secretary Jay Carney. “It is in response, not  to United States policy, not to obviously the administration, not to the  American people, but to a video, a film, that we have judged to be  reprehensible, disgusting.”

End quote.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, United States Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, appeared on “Meet the Press”, and once more, reitterated the Obama administrations official position, stating that the attack was spontaneous, and in response to the video.

In response, in typical West fashion, Congressman Allen West (R-FL), a fiery Congressman known for infuriating liberals by telling the truth, blasted Ambassador Rice calling her comments “Assinine, naive, and incompetent”.

Congressman West is a former Lt. Colonel, a highly decorated war veteran of Iraq, and an expert on Islam, Jihadist terrorism and military strategy.  Thus, he is well qualified to make this very accurate assessment of Ambassador Rice.  Congressman West once more, much to the chagrin of liberals, has been vindicated by the truth.

And Americans, once more, have been given a brazen and glaring example of this administrations inability to lead, and protect the American people and their best interest.


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