“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Conduct Unbecoming a President: Video Exposes the Two Faces of Obama

In a racially charged speech Al Sharpton would be proud of, among other deeply disturbing comments, Obama declares that we must teach poor minorities how to shop, how to dress, how to show up for work on time, and how to act appropriately in an office.  We must also provide them transportation to get to the office.  Do I need to state here that this is an outrageous statement on all fronts?

Poor minorities, and the already overburdened middle class majority that is supposed to financially support them and teach them how to act, should all be absolutely livid.  When there are jobs to be had, poor minorities already know how to act appropriately, how to get a job, and how to get to work.  The struggling middle class is not responsible, nor accountable, if they fail to do so.

Aside from his remarks it is also fascinating to watch how he says it. The following is an interview with Hannity and Tucker Carlson. They review the video and discuss it.  The interview is nearly 20 minutes long and segments of the video are shown throughout in it’s entirety.  One of the highlights of this interview is when the racist speech given by Obama in 2007 is contrasted with a speech he gave later while campaigning. This highlight occurs at 10 minutes into the interview.

The whole interview bears watching, but the contrast of the two speeches side by side is a highlight. One other intersting note is that in the racist speech, Obama attempts to inflame his audience by saying the Federal Government did not wave the Stafford Act for Katrina victims. The truth is, Obama had voted against the Stafford Act 10 days before he gave this speech, and Katrina victims received billions in funds.

Suddenly the facade of the racially enlightened Harvard grad – as normally portrayed to the American people – is stripped away, and in an environment wherein he is no longer required to hoodwink the “majority” of Americans, Obama’s true persona is revealed.  In an accent previously unknown as that of  Obama, but more akin to Sharpton, he leans forward to grip the podium, angry, misreprenting the billions given in aid given to Katrina victims, shouting out praise to Reverend Jeremiah Wright who curses America, and declares that black neighborhoods are oppressed by a racist federal government.

In other campaign speeches before the rest of the American people during this same time frame, he stands tall, polished, with hands demurely clasped in front of him.  He disowns Reverend Wright, and portrays himself as one who has risen above racism to declare to the nation that America is not black, or white.  Nor is this the first time the two faces of Obama have been glimpsed.

Joe Wilson Was Right: Obama Lies

In a 2009 prime time address to the American people, Obama provoked Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) to shout out “You Lie!”.  Why would Joe Wilson say such a thing? Because it was true.  Joe Wilson knew the plan.  Obama stood on the floor of the House and declared to the American people he would not include illegal aliens in his healthcare bill.   A week later he told  the Hispanic caucus he would legalize illegal aliens so they could be included in the healthcare bill.

This was small consolation for Joe Wilson.  Who was publically disgraced by the liberal media and formerly rebuked by the House for stating the truth: Obama lies.  We see more evidence of Obama’s propensity for falsehood in the recent cover up in Libya, his current policy of forbidding defense contractors of notifying employees of termination until after the election, and the repeated mistatements of his campaign against Governor Mitt Romney.  Earlier, we witnessed the disgraceful reality that he allowed his illegal alien aunt to live in the Boston projects after she had been deported.  Obama claimed “ignorance” of this scandle as well.  All point to a President who does not fail to play the American people for fools when it suits his purposes, personal and political.

But it is here, in this latest video released last night, that we see no trace whatsoever of the facade of the racially benevolent slick Harvard grad, a facade carefully crafted during his campaign, to deceive the American people into believing he is not like Reverend Wright – who screams from his black liberation theology pulpit, “God Damn America!” while his congregation shouts, “Amen!”  So does Obama in a myriad of ways.

His grossly failed foreign policy, and deliberate and dangerous cuts to the military leave us exposed and weakened as a war is waged against us by Jihadists wordwide.  His failed attempts to cover up a blatent and obvious terrorist attack in Libya point once more, to an ominous propensity for misleading the American people.

He shuns proven allies, such as Israel and Great Britain, and issues worldwide apologies for America where none are warranted.  He unsuccessfully attempts to distance  himself from scandals like Acorn in receipt of billions in taxpayer aid while pimping illegal alien prostitutes.  He has recently determined that the majority must pay for cell phones  for “the poor”.

He forces Americans to go on the government dole for healthcare, including proposing healthcare for illegal aliens by giving them amnesty and making them legal citizens.  Most Americans are descended from other countries, and many do support fixing a broken system that will allow for legal immagration.  The point here, is the propensity for Obama to promote policies that are destructive to our economy, and his use of misrepresentation and falsehood for tools.

Speaking of our economy, he destroys our capitalist economy because he despises it, and heaps unprecedented monumental debt upon the backs of every American and their children for generations to come.  He declares to a Free Republic from the perspective of a Marxist, that America must “Fundamentally Change”.

In his efforts to accomplish these changes, Obama wages class warfare, pits American against American, and damns America to the depths of her current despair on the national and worldwide stage – and to further despair should he prevail in the coming election.

Who is this Obama that the majority are glimpsing for the first time in this latest video?  Is he the angry champion of the supposed downtrodden? This is the real Obama.  And he does not like “the majority”.  Ironically, this includes the liberal left elite who have championed his cause.  How can I say this? Because elitist liberal lefties do not live in “poor minority” neighborhoods. And while they may be shocked to discover their champion is either schizophrenic or a fraud,  many of us already knew he was a trickster on a mission.  A fraud with anything but the best interest of America on his list of priorities.

The Roots of Obama’s Rage Explained in D’Souza’s “Obama 2016”, and Black Nationalist Philosophy

Following the 2008 election, as Obama took his seat in the Oval Office, many were baffled and ashamed as he slapped Great Britain in the face, and returned a gift they had previously sent to the White House.  That gift was a bust of Winston Churchill.  What Obama did not say, however, was why he returned the bust of Winston Churchill, our staunch ally in World War II.  Without Winston Churchill and Great Britain, it is safe to say, Nazi Germany would have prevailed. But this is not the face of Winston Churchill Obama saw when he looked at that bust: He saw the enemy of his father, an anti-colonial Marxist from Kenya.

Based on the book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, by Dinesh D’Sousa, in the subsequent movie, D’Sousa’s Obama 2016, the the mindset of this President is explained via documented fact.  The movie Obama 2016 does not portray Obama as racist per se, but rather it is explained why he is anti-colonial.  The problem is, however, those whom the past and present anti-colonialists are angry at, are white Europeans and Americans.  Based upon the facts presented in the movie, it can be safely proposed in part, that Obama is predjudiced against whites not because of their color, but rather because he see’s them as oppressors against third world countries, and they happen to be white.

In short, Obama has a grudge.  And it governs his policies, both foreign and domestic.  It governed his speech in this latest video, and it clearly exposes him for the racist he is, as he demonstrates conduct unbecoming the President of the United States.

And while D’Sousa’s movie, “Obama 2016”, addresses in factual depth Obama’s Marxist upbringing and loathing of white colonialists, the movie stops short of explaining the influence of black nationalism, and the far left liberal agenda as a whole. So while D’Sousa is right on target in many aspects, there is more, much more, that explains the Obama we viewed in last nights video.  In an article printed yesterday at American Thinker, titled “Barak Obama: Anticolonialist or Neo-Communist?“, we are invited to glimpse an additional facet of Obama’s personality, as well as further root influences that also govern his current policies, such as black nationalism.  Quoting yesterday’s article from American Thinker:

From  early childhood, Obama was raised in an intensely anti-American  environment.  His anthropologist mother hated her country with a passion —  so much so that when her second husband, Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, lost some of  his anti-American zeal, she sent her son to Hawaii to save him from his  stepfather’s pernicious influence and instructed her father to enlist his  friend, Frank Marshall Davis, in the cause of mentoring young Barack.   Davis, a card-carrying communist of a rabid Stalinist variety but also a  black nationalist, did his job remarkably well, infusing his ward with a  Marxist-cum-black separatist worldview.

End quote, for the article in it’s entirety, see American Thinker, Victor Volsky’s article “Barak Obama: Anticolonialist or Neo-Communist?” 

For the complete video of Obama’s speech, and an article outlining the above statements of Obama that we must show poor minorities how to act, how to shop, and get to work on time – and other statements not reported elsewhere, see the video of Obama’s disgraceful speech in it’s entirety, and an article that outlines it further, at The Daily Caller.  For additional information on the movie Obama 2016, see the official website of the movie, which contains a trailer, and more, including clips explaining how and why Obama was raised to be an anti-colonialist by Marxist parents.  And finally, for a message from the man Obama declared above to be “his pastor, a great leader, a friend, and counselor”, one need go no further than right here to find the anti-colonialist, racist, and anti-American views of Reverend Wright, with his literal cursing of America as a nation:

For all of his ranting about American’s bombing Japan, Reverend Wright conveniently forgets to remember that it was first Japan who forced us into World War II by bombing Pearl Harbor.  And the later bombing of Japan by the United States occured as a last resort.  Millions of allied troops, and civilians, had been killed by the Axis powers of Nazi Germany and Japan.  When we finally bombed Japan, as horrible as it was, it saved the lives of millions more and ended World War II.

We have all seen Reverend Wright’s disgraceful tirade before, but at last, in a speech more befitting the President of the NAACP than the President of the United States, mainstream America finally meets Obama.  On the eve of the 2012 Presidential election, Americans of all colors and political parties, rich and poor, who are not racist, who do not need lessons from the majority on how to act, and who do believe in America, should honestly ask themselves:

Is this a President that should be re-elected, and entrusted with the fate of our nation, our liberty, and our children? Only if those children believe America should be “damned”, and live in poor minority neighborhoods.

“A bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men” ~Thomas Paine


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