“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

On Pakistan, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Drones

Al Qaeda in Pakistan

Al Qaeda has issued a multi-page propaganda report showing solidarity with the Taliban in Pakistan on the matter of the attack on Malala Yousafzai.  Suprise is not in order here.

Al Qaeda are brethren in arms with the Taliban in that they seek to impose tyranny, injustice, and murder by law.  Wherever they tread the Taliban and Al Qaeda leave bloody footprints forged by the blood of innocent people.

Both terrorist groups do so of course in the name of “God”.

I suspect God is pretty angry about that, and one of these days he will have His way and put an end to this disgraceful hijacking of His name by terrorists like the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

In his twisted way, Hitler also thought he was doing God’s work by killing millions of innocent people, Jews and non-Jews alike.  The truth is, like the Taliban and Al Qaeda, Hitler had an agenda that had nothing to do with God.  He was driven by evil, he sought worldwide power and incomprehensible tyranny as the rule of law.  He was destroyed by the free world, and someday, modern terrorists will rightfully join him as defeated icons of evil on the pages of history.  And there they will remain, forever.  God always has His way in the end.

But it took a global effort to halt Hitler in his tracks, and the same holds true for terrorist Jihadist’s today.  Like an insidious cancer, they wage war on the free world, they seek to install injustice as the rule of law, and they use religous propaganda to obtain their end.  They will not cease until they are defeated.  And it is going to take a global effort to stop them.

Meanwhile, the case of Malala has forced me to look beyond my own borders, to discover that which had before eluded me.  I asked myself, and those around me: Why do the people of Pakistan hate us so much?  This lead to a quest for truth.  I’m still searching for it, but I am beginning to understand.

Why Do Pakistani’s Hate Us?

Violence Explodes in Pakistan.

One of the answers I was given was that they see us like the empire of Rome.  As a lover and follower of history, this was totally incomprehensible to me.  Rome brought many good and invaluable aspects of civilization to the table, but she was an empire of conquest.  She sought power, money, glory, and dominion over conquered peoples.  America is not ancient Rome. She does not go to war for conquest.

She goes to war when forced to do so in order to defend her own borders, and to halt the advance of tyranny overseas that has declared a global Jihad against America and the free world.

As the greatest military might within the free world, she has no choice. If she fails to do so, who will do the deed?  Who else will halt the progress of terror and tyranny?  No one.  Europe has disbanded it’s armies to no more than a token police force.  Middle Eastern governments, including the Pakistani government, withhold their military might, and at best, offer up only token resistance to the terrorists within their midst.

They looked the other way as the Taliban rolled into Swat and seized control.  They allowed it to happen, as they signed a cease fire agreement with the Taliban that insured their success.  It was America and the nations of the free world who urged the Pakistani government not to hand over Swat, the beloved homeland of Malala Yousafzai.  And it is America, who is today despised for nothing more than attempting to leave freedom in her wake.  She is nothing like Rome, who invaded to conquer, and to stay.

America is the guardian of liberty, and win, lose, or draw, she has no choice but to fulfill that role. When an enemy has sworn to destroy her and the free world as a whole, who can dare declare that she should lay prostrate, and allow that enemy to thrive, to strengthen it’s grip and power?

And the truth is, that enemy, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other militant terrorists, are allowed to thrive and grow stronger in the drone stricken regions of Pakistan and Afhghanistan that so many cry foul over.

From the NY Times
Laiba Shot By Pakistan
Paramilitary Frontier
Constabulary in 2008

Those in the Middle East who have sworn to destroy her do not merely rely on force of arms.  They launch an all out effort to deceive the local populace, as they propagandize insane conspiracy theories and bogus statistics.  And it has worked well. The forces of Al Qaeda and the Taliban are overjoyed at the hate filled backlash against America that they have created via slanderous propaganda.

Even now, those who attempted to kill Malala, and those who support them, have launched a slanderous and hateful campaign against her, and use propanda like the picture of Laiba to claim drone casualties.   This picture of Laiba was posted the other day by supporters of the Taliban on Facebook, and they claimed she was a victim of Drone strikes.  A journalist recognized the photo as a child who was hit not by drone strikes, but by the Pakistani Paramilitary Frontier.  You can read of their current effort to slander Malala and the West with bogus propaganda here, where it has been well documented.

Thanks in part to hatred bread by extremists and terrorists, America is seen as an enemy by many Pakistani’s.  Why do the extremists spur on the hatred of America?  The answer is simple.

America will never cease to defend freedom and oppose terrorism.  The day she does so, she will no longer be America.  She is the greatest enemy to terrorists like the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and they know it.

But many of our people are tired, as long wars overseas and efforts to liberate people who despise us have taken it’s toll on our economy, our way of life, and even our liberties.  Marxist and Socialists within our borders seek to undermine our sacred Constitution and our capitalist economy, and they use these wars as an opportunity to unjustly shame America.  They are a disgrace to our nation, and contrary to the very foundation it was founded upon.

Marxist Black Nationalists like Obama’s friend, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, scream “God Damn America”.  He curses her for bombing Japan during World War II, and waging war in the Middle East.

Reverend Wright neglects to remember that at the time, Japan had joined Hitler, and forced us into World War II by bombing Pearl Harbor.  Ultimately, the bombing of Japan by American forces was a method of last resort, to halt the deaths of millions of civilians at the mercy of Hitler’s invasions, and of American and allied troops, whose death toll rivaled that of the civilians in his path.  The bombing of Japan ended World War II.  Had we not done so, Reverend Wright would not be able to stand on his hate filled propaganda podium, and scream “God Damn America”.

The current ongoing war in the Middle East has taken it’s toll in many ways on our nation.  Not only politically, by giving Marxists an advantage.  Our economy is in a shambles, in part because of the trillions of dollars we have invested to liberate a region which curses our name.  Our freedoms, our way of life, and the well being of our nation itself, are now hanging in the balance because we sought to destroy those who sought to do evil.  Because we attempted to provide freedom in a region that is a breeding ground for global tyranny.

We are nothing like Rome, we do not conquer and enslave.  Our warriors battle for freedom, and they leave when the job is done.  Two modern examples come to mind.  It was America who liberated France from Nazi Germany, and it was America who led the first Gulf War and liberated Kuwait from Sadamm Hussein’s invasion.  In the end, it was America who destroyed Saddam Hussein, and Hitler could not have been destroyed without the death of half a million American soldiers, and the combined tally of millions of allied soldiers from the free world.

We did not enter France or Kuwait to conquer and stay.  We entered to liberate, and we left when we had done so.  The same holds true for the Middle East today.  We seek to destroy those who oppose freedom, and we plant the seeds of liberty hoping they will bear fruit and thrive when we depart.  This was, and is, our hope for Iraq, and Afghanistan.  We are not there to colonize, we are there to oppose tyranny and defend freedom.

For over two centuries, since the time of our own Revolution, our defense of freedom has cost us untold blood and treasure.  And sadly, where the Middle East is concerned, it often seems it has been all for nothing.

So the answer that Pakistani’s hate us because we are like Rome, did not seem to make sense.  It did not satisfy my quest for truth.  I kept searching, and I searched for answers from the people of Pakistan, who alone can provide the answer.

Did America Create Terrorism in Pakistan?

I have read much, and much of what I have read indicates anger that America created the war in Pakistan’s backyard, and “jihad factories”, and America is the cause of all of the terrorism in the region.  As is often the case when people have an agenda, history is betrayed.

It is true that when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan during the Cold War, America did arm some from the Mujahideen.  They were not the Taliban, who did not yet exist.  They were comprised of Islamic fighters who were opposed to the Soviet invasion.  They came from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere, and already had bases in Pakistan though they were not affiliated with the official government of Pakistan.

And while it can be said that America did arm them to repel the Soviets, it is never mentioned that Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, also armed them.  It is certainly never mentioned that they were home grown in Afghan and Pakistani soil, and sons not of America, but sons of Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

What is important to note, is that the Mujahideen of then, versus “now”, is not the same entity.  We did not “arm” the current animal, here is a link to basic history and a quote from that article that sums it up:

The Afghan mujahideen were not seeking to wage an aggressive jihad beyond national boundaries, but were rather fighting a nationalist war against an occupier. 

And that occupier was not “America”, it was the Soviet Union.  Where we wrong to arm them to fight the Soviets?  Maybe.  On the other hand, Afghanistan defeated Soviet communism, and the communist Soviet Union ultimately collapsed.

It is impossible to say how many of the original Mujahideen ultimately became terrorists.  They were comprised of many faces, including moderates who merely wished to repel the Soviet invasion.  But an absolute truth is simply this:

We never armed them to wage a Jihad on the free world and install global tyranny.  We armed them to fight for freedom.  And we were not by any means alone.  We did not arm them with barbaric evil intent that is at the heart of their current twisted Jihad, we armed them with weapons to fight for their freedom.

As for the Taliban itself, who came into being after various nations armed the Mujahideen, here is a simple quote from an excellent current article, titled THE LAHORE LOG: The truth of the Taliban, by Najim Sethi:

“It is wrong to say that the Taliban are a  product of US intervention in Afghanistan. The truth is the Taliban are a  product of the civil war in Afghanistan in the 1990s in which Pakistan and not  America was a real player. When they seized Kabul in 1996, America was not even  on the scene. It had nothing to do with their formation and it refused to  recognise their regime.”

End quote.

It is time Pakistan and others in the region stop scapegoating America for elements in their own society who create world wide havoc and destruction.  So the truth being taken into consideration, it cannot be said that America is responsible for the hell pit in Pakistan’s backyard.  And Pakistan allowed and continues to allowed the bases we seek to destroy.  Which brings us to the big controversy today.

Drones, For Better or Worse?

What I discovered saddened me.  It saddened me because once more, America is seen as a villian for defending freedoms others wish to enjoy but refuse to fight for.  And it saddened me because it cannot be denied that innocent people have been wounded or killed because of our drones.  No one can deny that this is horrible, and it has happened.

The truth is, drones would not be flying anywhere if it were not for terrorists like the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and far more people in Pakistan have been killed by terrorists like the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  The area where these drones are active is a no mans land haven for the very terrorists who today, claim the shooting of Malala and the war on the free world is justified.  Unlike the Taliban, the drones do not deliberately wage war on innocents.  They seek to destroy those who do wage war on innocents.

The truth is, the alternative for the drones is for the government of Pakistan to launch their own military assault against this haven of terror.  Is this preferable to our drones? In some ways, yes.  If the Pakistani government would launch their own assault and destroy the Taliban and Al Qaeda, believe me when I tell you, it would suit America just fine.  In this way, it would indeed be preferable to the drones.

And it is hard to disagree with many Americans who say we must forsake our efforts in the Middle East, and look to the well being of our own. They are worn out with trying to liberate a region that hates us for the effort.  Who can blame them?

But the Pakistani government will not commit to eliminating the Taliban, and in the cost of human lives, no, it would not be preferable to the drones if they did.  Thousands were killed and millions displaced when the Pakistani government finally got around to liberating Swat.

What do the numbers say?  In my search for the truth I learned there is no comparison when it comes to the death toll between the terror attacks of the Taliban and Al Qaeda versus the death toll when it comes to drones.  And an all out military assault, such as the Pakistani governments final liberation of Swat, will bring far more loss of life than the drone strikes.

It would be grossly wrong for me to make such a statement without evidence.  I will not do so.  You see, like most Americans, I truly care.  I have wept over the atrocities of the terrorists, I prayed for Malala as I retired last night, as I have prayed for all of those in the Middle East who truly struggle for the right to be free.  If my nation were deliberately targeting innocent civilians, I would join in the outcry against them, but we are not, and so I cannot.

But I do not ask you to take my word for it.  The numbers on drones versus terrorist deaths in the region speak for themselves.  You will find those numbers in an article from DAWN, titled “Did a Drone Attack Malala?”.

The measure of the success in any offensive can be concluded by it’s result.  Is it working? Yes, it has destroyed several major terrorist commanders.  Commanders whom no doubt would have created even more loss of civilian life than the tragic numbers they are already responsible for.  I encourage anyone who questions the use of drones in the FATA, to read the unbiased, and very imformative article from DAWN before they condemn drone attacks.

What Does America Stand For?

Statue of Liberty
Liberty Island,
New York Harbor

As a descendent of the American Revolution, I am proud of my country for good reason.  She has upheld the light of liberty, and throughout her existence, through two World Wars and modern warfare, she has liberated millions from tyranny through the blood of her sons, her fathers, husbands, and brothers.

America is no different today in her values than at the time of her conception.  I was born on an Army base.  My mother and my father were both soldiers in the United States Army.  My son as well, was a soldier, and my husband is a retired Army officer.  I know the mindset of our military, of our troops, and our nation.

Our warriors are not evil and perverse men who shoot innocent girls in the head for seeking an education.  Nor do they target innocent civilians and ignore the dangers those civilians face. The truth is, if our warriors were like the Taliban, this war would have been over a long time ago. We have stayed our hand, and our military might, as we sought to spare innocents.  We could have destroyed Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and others, had we not chosen to fight a war that would cause the least amount of civilian casualties.

To do so however, would have meant an all out unrestrained military assault in the region that would have caused the death of thousands, and perhaps millions, of innocent lives.  We chose not to do this.  This strategy has cost us dearly in a myriad of ways. But it has spared multitudes, and I cannot say that we were wrong to do so.

We are a benevolent people who have been targeted by terrorists who wish to destroy us, because they know, we are their greatest hindrance to victory.  I would implore those who are opposed to global tyranny to remember this the next time they hear hate propaganda about the United States from the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and those at war against freedom.  Your going to have to decide for yourself who is wrong or right, and where you stand.

America made that choice a long time ago.  She chose to oppose tyranny, she was birthed on that foundation, and today, she continues to do so.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom  must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” ~Thomas Paine


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