“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Presidential Debate: Attacking Romney is Not an Agenda and Leading From Behind Leads to Disaster

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The Washington Times

For those fortunate enough to still have a job, last night’s final debate in the ongoing Presidential campaign will be the main topic for today’s water cooler discussions across the country.  As I review the past four years, and the current state of affairs, it is a marvel to me that any American would consider handing Obama an undeserved victory by voting for him in the upcoming election.

Obama arrived at the debate with his briefcase chock full of witty sarcasm, thinly veiled arrogance, and no record whatsoever to stand on in matters of the economy, or foreign policy.  We are currently being asked by the Obama administration to overlook millions of Americans who are in far worse economic condition than when Obama took office, and this is the same administration who has chosen political advantage over National Security interests to the detriment of the entire nation.

The recent cover up in Benghazi is a blaring air raid siren to all Americans.  New evidence clearly demonstrates the current Administration utterly abandoned the safety and well being of America and American citizens at the US Consulate in Libya.

The Obama administration continues to jeopardize Americans as they attempt to deny the very obvious rise in Al Qaeda and Jihadist activities.  They commit this blatent act of disregard for our country for no other reason than to allow Obama to declare the death of Osama Bin Laden as a monumental achievement in the current campaign.

Newsflash: Osama Bin Laden is not dead.  Tens of thousands of Osama Bin Laden’s stormed the streets of the Middle East recently screaming “Death to America!”.  Our American flags over our embassasies were lowered and burned as the flags of Al Qaeda were raised on our sovereign soil, and the destabalizing of the region grew to such an extent, no American or citizen of the Middle East region who was not a Jihadist could claim to be safe.

The tens of thousands of Jihadists that accomplished this did so at the urging of Al Qaeda, and other militant terrorist groups.   Al Qaeda is currently growing and thriving as Obama looks on from behind, trumpets the death of Osama bin Laden, and attempts to downplay the very dangerous and escalating increase in Al Qaeda attacks and their determination to wage war on America.  They are not dead.  They are alive, well, and more determined than ever to destroy America and wage Jihad against the civilized world.

These days, Al Qaeda is going so far as to boldly and openly call for the death of all western diplomats such as Ambassador Stevens.  This past weekend, Jordanian authorities thwarted a major Al Qaeda plot that would have caused massive civilian deaths in Jordan on a scale with our own 911, and the death of more American ambassadors and diplomats.  This thwarted plan included the bombing of hotels, and shopping centers, another attempt on American diplomats, and another attack on our embassasy, this time, in Jordan.

Washington’s response to this recent dire foreign policy crisis?  Obama chose a bold and decisive response to address the recent crisis in the Middle East:

Obama apologized to the Jihadist’s who were commiting blatent acts of war, and attacking by the tens of thousands.  Obama even sent a $70,000 dollar televised Public Service Announcement to Pakistan which thousands of Jihadists did not have time to watch because they were too busy burning Obama in effigy, and demanding the death of America.

Congressman Allen West, (R-Fl)
Former Lt. Colonel, and Decorated War Veteran

One of the very few politicians I have found that I can fully trust and concur with, is decorated war veteran, former Lt. Colonel, Congressman Allen West, (R-Fl).  Allen West sums it up well in his statement on last nights debate:

Radical Islamists are emboldened and our allies feel abandoned. Quitting is not the means by which one ends a war. Americans do so by winning. To win we need a powerful military that is a deterrent and a force for good. And the Navy does require 313 warships Mr. President. We have more debt, more unemployed Americans, more Americans in poverty, and a diminished influence in the world. President Obama has failed and Governor Romney is correct in stating that attacking your political opponent is not an agenda, and certainly not a strategy. In order to ensure the promise of our Republic, the choice is clear….and it ain’t Barack Obama.”

As always, West has nailed it, and is a voice of clarity and expertise in the midst of chaos.  The people of Florida are very fortunate to have a legislator like West in their corner.  He will soon defeat drunkard Patrick Murphy, Democratic contender for West’s seat in Congress in the upcoming election.  The night West was preparing his troops to deploy to Iraq, Murphy was busted and arrested in the aftermath of a drunken brawl.  There should be no contest here for the folks in Florida.  Or for that matter, in the Presidential election either.

Like most others, I did watch the debate.  But it wasn’t really neccessary.  I did not need to watch a debate wherein Obama attempted to defend his failed politics as he continues to try and lull the American people into a false sense of security over Al Qaeda.

He has seriously and repeatedly downplayed the threat Al Qaeda poses to our National Security and he has attempted to hoodwink the American people by this outrageous misrepresention of reality.  And he has done so for no other reason than his personal agenda, which is to win the campaign.  His dismal record proves, that if he does win, he will continue to plunge America into a weakened state of desperate financial and military weakness.

Now all the King’s men, communists like Hugo Chavez of Venezuala, Vladmir Putin of Russia, Fidel Castro of Cuba, and the Communist Party USA, endorse Obama and wish for him a victory in the coming election.

But for me, it’s a no brainer.  I will not vote for a candidate who drastically cuts funding for our military in the midst of a war on freedom, apologizes to our enemies as they commit acts of war against us, and places a higher priority on his political aspirations than he does on the welfare of our nation.

Romney was right: Attacking him is not an agenda.  But attacking the United States is an agenda. Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups have that agenda – and they are growing bolder and more determined – as Obama chooses to leave America behind as he leads from behind, perched on his campaign stump, declaring failed foreign policy and economic disaster to be a change we should all believe in.

The administrations irresponsible dismissal of the rise of Al Qaeda in Libya was a major factor in the murder and death of Ambassador Stevens and three brave Americans.  Do we really want to place the rest of America in such a precarious position?

“When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail” ~Pearl S. Buck


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