“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Romney is Defeated: Congratulations are now in Order

Governor Mitt Romney was defeated in last nights 2012 election and congratulations are now in order.  Alot of people worked hard to make sure Obama won again.  It is always proper to congratulate the winner in any contest.  Those responsible should be given their due credit as they claim their victory.

It is well known that both the Communist Party USA and their comrads, The Democratic Socialists of America Organization, endorsed Obama and supported him in his first bid for the Presidency in 2008.

The Democratic Socialists of America have long standing ties and close bonds with Obama.  They were key players on his campaign staff, and hold positions in his cabinet.  In case you have never heard of them, here is some background.

Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the US. It is one of two official U.S. affiliates of the Socialist International. It was formed in 1982 from a merger of the Michael Harrington led Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee and the smaller New American Movement.

No doubt, they are celebrating their victory this morning with their comrads.

The Communist Party USA also formally endorsed Obama again for this latest 2012 election. Both parties have actively worked hard behind the scenes throughout both campaigns to once more insure Obama’s unprecedented success in a stubborn Free Republic.

With the aid of the politically ignorant, racists who vote based on skin color, indifferent youth who have no clue, or care about, who they are and where they came from, and single women who were more concerned about protecting rights that were not in jeopardy than protecting their own nation, Obama defeated Governor Mitt Romney with a sound thrashing and will retain his seat in the Oval Office.

It is presumed that several party members from the Democratic Socialists of America will be allowed to keep their current cabinet positions under the Obama administration.

The Communist Party USA and their supporters have once more enjoyed stellar success and overcome the paltry hurdle of over 56 million patriotic Americans who fought to save their nation.

Congratulations are in order for all of the above and all Democrats everywhere who cast their vote with The Communist Party USA.

A better and peaceful world is possiblea world where people and nature come before profits. That’s socialism. That’s our vision. We are the Communist Party USA. ~A quote from the Website of the Communist Party USA


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