“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Veterans Day: A Video Tribute to All of our Veterans from the American Revolution to the Middle East

Today is Veterans Day and all across the nation Americans from all walks of life will reflect on the sacrifices of our war veterans.  It was my wish to thank them all, past and present.  I pondered their history, from the time of our nation’s birth to present.

The history of our veterans is the history of our nation.  Our nation’s history is the history of a nation who was birthed and preserved by patriots who braved overwhelming odds time and time again, because they would not submit to tyranny.

For over 200 years our warriors have fought in battles that many cannot conceive of.  They all deserve to be remembered, from the American Revolution, through  two World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, and today.

The following are highlights presented in video from each of those wars.  This is a video tribute to the men and women who have crushed tyrants, braved flames and torture, stood watch on the wall, guarded the gates, preserved our freedom, and deterred the enemies of freedom for Americans and the world at large.

Beginning with our beginning, it is with great pride I honor those who fought in the American Revolution:

During our own American Revolution, one of our most important battles was that of The Battle of Kings Mountain.  American Continental troops opposed the British red coats throughout the war with the aid of civilian Militias comprised of farmers, mountaineers, and others.

In any conflict, there are two sides. Those civilians and militias who supported the cause of the American Revolution were known as patriots, rebels, and Whigs.  Those who supported the British were primarily known as Tories and Loyalists.

At the Battle of Kings mountain the battle was fought on the American side by moutaineers and hearty men from the Appalachian mountains who were patriot rebels.  They were known as “Over the Mountain Men”, and they rallied there to deter their counterparts, the Loyalist civilians who fought for the British.

Major Ferguson was a brutal Scottish commander under Britian’s Lord Cornwallis and his ranks had savaged the local populace. American forces were very nearly defeated at this point for a myriad of reasons. Local militia commanders for American rebels brought their guerilla fighters down upon Major Ferguson’s loyalists with a vengeance.  They fought a battle on Kings Mountain that historians rightly note today, turned the tide of the American Revolution, and likely saved the cause.

The Battle of Kings mountain was not fought by the regular troops of the American Continental line, nor the regular troops of Britian’s red coats.  It was fought by civilians from both sides who came against each other there that day under their respective officers and made their stand.

The following video is a bit long, just over 20 minutes.

But it tells the tale of the courage, skill, and sheer determination, that is still today the legacy of our warriors who have followed in the footsteps of those patriots who fought at Kings Mountain.  If your time permits, I hope you enjoy The Battle of Kings mountain, and all of the videos that carry on where it leaves of.

God bless our veterans, then and now.  This is my tribute to them all.

The Battle of Kings Mountain, the year is 1780:

World War I:   The following is an appropriate video for World War I.  It only addresses one battle in that war, but it was a very signifcant battle as you will see. It was fought by our United States Marines, and this weekend is their birthday. The total death toll for American soldiers in World War I, was 320,710.  This number does not include those missing in action.

With great pride in our troops I pay tribute to those who fought and died in World War I, and I give you the Battle of Belleau Wood, fought in France in 1918:

Leaving the battlefield of Belleau Wood, we fast forward to World War II.  Most are familiar with D-Day and the battle of Normandy.  This video focuses on that part of the battle which occured at Omaha Beach.   The death toll for American forces in World War II was 1,078,162.

With great pride in our troops I give tribute to those who fought and died in World War II:

Once more we found ourselves at war in the 1950’s, with Korea.  One of the most famous battles in American history is that of the Chosin Reservoir.  It was fought in 1950 by the 1st Marine Division and it’s attached Army regiment.  In the frozen mountains of North Korea, near the Chinese border, at a place called Chosin Reservoir, our troops were surrounded and greatly outnumbered by nine Chinese divisions, a quarter of a million Chinese.

Within three days, the Chinese had destroyed the isolated Army regiment on the eastern side of the reservoir.  Of the 3,000 Army troops trapped there, only 385 made it out alive, and made it back to the safer south end of the reservoir where they joined the Marines.  Within two days, our Marines fought their way back from the western end of the reservoir.  United and surrounded by a quarter of a million Chinese, 13,000 United States Marines, the surviving 375 US Army regulars, and a small portion of British commandos, marched in a column 12 miles long to escape. They marched 75 miles out of the Chosin Reservoir battling 200,000 Chinese who tried to stop them.  It took five days on frozen feet, while dragging their dead and wounded with them.  They made it, and proudly marched into the American lines singing an old barracks song.

It is with great pride in our troops, I give tribute to those who fought in the Korean war, and the Chosin Reservoir:

In the nineteen sixties our troops went to war once more. This time in Vietnam.  Sadly, many were wrongly condemned by their own countrymen in shameful betrayal.  These men faced a new war: They were scorned by young people born of their own countrymen after fighting one the most savage wars in history.  Today, Americans who once wrongfully scorned them have grown up, and those veterans are rightly honored by all.  A memorial stands testiment to their bravery, and the cost of that war.  That memorial stands in Washington, D.C., and it is known as The Vietnam Wall Memorial.   The death toll for American troops in Vietnam was 211,147.

It is with great pride in our troops, I give tribute to those who fought in Vietnam:

And finally we come to today,

Today our troops fight from the battlefields of the Middle East to protect our nation and once more, the world at large.  This time they fight to preserve us from the tyranny and evil of extreme Jihadist’s who have declared a global War on Freedom.

It is with great pride in our troops I pay to tribute to our warriors of today who have fought for over 10 years in the Middle East:

I wish somehow I could tell all of them, from the American Revolution, the fields of both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam, to the deserts of the Middle East, how grateful I am for all they have done.  Without their valiant struggles, none of us would be who we are today.

Because this is what every one of them fought and continue to fight for:

I am honored to offer my thanks and enduring gratitude to all of our veterans: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

“We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” ~Winston Churchill


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