“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Freedom Rising, Pro-Democracy Egyptians: Thousands Defy Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi’s Islamist Fascist Coup

Photo Collage: Tens of Thousands of Pro-Democracy Egyptians Revolt Against Morsi’s Coup, Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters Put to the Torch, Protestors Advance to Tahrir Square, Police Fire Tear Gas, New Violence Erupts

Top: Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Striking Enemies,
2012 Democracy Reform Leader, Nobel Peace Laureate, Mohammed ElBaradei
Bottom: Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi

Egypt stands on the brink of Civil War in the wake of President Mohamed Morsi’s brazen and unprecedented sweep of power.

Those who fought for freedom during the Arab spring have just suffered a major setback to their entire revolution.  And since the Arab Spring, they have suffered politically from a lack of coordination and unity which somewhat gave rise to the current crisis.

Their lack of coordination greatly aided the Muslim Brotherhood in obtaining their current power.

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring revolution, the Brotherhood seized the chaotic moment in the recent elections and propelled their candidate, Mohamed Morsi, to the presidency of Egypt. They did so amidst the power vacuum created by former President Hosni Mubarrak’s violent overthrow. And they did so because pro-democracy Egyptians could not rally as one for a myriad of reasons.

Nevertheless, those same pro-democracy Egyptians are now uniting en masse by the tens of thousands, in full force and violent opposition to Morsi’s sudden and unexpected coup.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had just left Morsi’s cunning side on Wednesday, November 21st.  The very next day, Hillary Clinton was still basking in the afterglow of her questionable success in the Middle East peace talks when a shocking turn of events occured this past Thursday, on November 22nd:

With utter disregard for the Constitutional laws of his own country, dismissing the hopes of thousands of Egyptians who fought for freedom during the former Arab Spring, Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi, former card carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood, proclaimed himself virtual dictator of Egypt.

And for extra insurance he declared his current decree and his future laws to be immune to challenge. As millions of Americans celebrated Thanksgiving, one small man took a giant step for tyranny.

The National Reaction to Morsi’s Coup

The backlash in Egypt was instant, as Morsi seized powers not even former President Hosni Mubarak dared to claim for his own.  National Judges from the Judiciary branch have vehemently denounced Morsi’s power grab and are planning to strike.

Pro-Democracy Reform Leader, Mohammed ElBaradei
(Photo from Washington Times, AP Photo/Thomas Hartwell)

Pro-Democracy Leaders such as Nobel Peace laureate Mohammed ElBaradei, have hurled the gauntlet, and derisively branded Morsi as “the new Pharaoh”.  Since Thursday,  tens of thousands have echoed Elbaradei’s scorn in protests in Tahrir Square in Cairo, and across the nation.

Morsi’s self proclaimed dictatorship immediately fueled multiple violent protests.  And not everyone is protesting against Morsi. Thousands of his supporters are standing with him.

By Friday, fierce battles between these opposing forces had erupted in the streets.

The Muslim Brotherhood, President Morsi, and his supporters, were immediately faced with furious pro-democracy Egyptians who are fighting for a Democracy free of the tyranny of radical Islamist law.

They have been fighting for it since the Arab Spring, and Morsi has crossed an irreversible point in time and space. A red line that will never turn green, but may likely grow a darker stain of red as the violence escalates.

The spectre of military intervention looms larger with each hour as Morsi not only ignores the rage of tens of thousands, he spurs on tens of thousands of supporters to counter that rage with their own.  As the opposing masses clash in the streets and strike each other with rocks, lash out with flame, and brave tear gas, things are likely about to get worse, and may even come to an explosive head.

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have called for a formal massive protest in support of Morsi on Tuesday.  And Pro-Democracy Egyptians, spurred on by leaders such as Mohammed ElBaradei, are planning an equally massive counter protest.  Violence has already overwhelmed Chairo, as tens of thousands war in the streets, and across the nation.

As the two groups violently confront each other in the streets en masse, and gather steam for these pending formal protests, as of yesterday the violence was already raging and the protest was unstoppable.  From yesterday’s report:

With Morsi’s sudden decree on Thursday catching many by suprise, experts on terrorism in the US ponder why Morsi felt so emboldened in the wake of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s departure only the day before.

What provoked President Morsi to such brazen and unexpected confidence that he did not even hesitate, as he seized such power unchecked?  Why has Morsi done this?  Did the recent peace talks grant him certain concessions from the West for playing the role of Peace Meister?

Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood and the Heart of the Current Battle

Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi
(Reuters/Amr Abdallah Dalsh)

Pro Muslim Brotherhood supporters want the same thing the Muslim Brotherhood has sought for decades:  Dominion of Sharia law as the law of the land.

And to the Muslim Brotherhood, the land is not merely Egypt, it is the world at large.  It is the goal of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood that Islam and Sharia law should dominate not merely Egypt, but the globe.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded by an Egyptian and has it’s earliest roots in Egypt.

Egyptian school teacher, Hassan al Banna, founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928.  Today, it’s roots and efforts are wordwide.

So perhaps it is fitting that Egypt is the current stage for the Brotherhood’s bold and decisive seizure of enormous power.  The Brotherhood was after all, founded by an Egyptian. If they can keep their current hold on power with Morsi as Dictator of Egypt, the consequences would bring to life some of the worst nightmares of those who knowingly observed the Arab Spring when it occured.

Many were fully aware that the end result might be a Muslim Brotherhood leadership.  But few could have foreseen this very sudden and irrevocable scenario unfolding on the wordwide stage.  And the world looks on and wonders: What has just happened?

Why Has Morsi Trampled Freedom Under Foot?

It must be remembered that Morsi is an Islamist Fascist who has been an influential leader in the Muslim Brotherhood, an extreme Islamic Fascist political party disguised as theology based.  It is true it is based on theocratic law, but the Muslim Brotherhood as an entity, is a political animal.  The last thing Islamist Fascists in the Muslim Brotherhood would promote would be a free and democratic society.  Such a society would insure their ultimate downfall.  So it should be understood, that Morsi has never been an advocate of freedom.

As for this sudden tyrancial and brazen highjacking of power, there is surely a reason.  Considering Morsi’s background and Fascist politics, it is not a stretch to say that this is his preferred method of governing.  There may also be other reasons, more obvious reasons at work. Reasons that may have helped to enable this sudden coup by the seemingly schizophrenic Peace Meister.

Perhaps President Morsi is intoxicated with power.  Or perhaps he is strutting his Presidential prowess by glorifying his new role as a supposed vital leader in the Middle East.  A mantle he now wears whether he deserves it or not, for his peace efforts during the recent conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Or it just may be that Morsi is shrewed enough to kill two birds with one stone.  He can strut all the way to the dictator’s dias using his new found status as leverage for an advantage – daring those in Washington who just praised him as a saviour of the Middle East peace process on Wednesday, to now condemn his brazen and illegal coup of Thursday.

Also, by doing just that very thing, he can placate tens of thousands of young and old jihadist supporters of the Brotherhood who put him in office in the first place.  The Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters in Egypt called for the Jihad on Israel this past October (and many times before).  So they were angry when Morsi arranged the cease fire between Israel and Hamas.

The day of Morsi’s coup, as reported on November 22nd, the top leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood denounced the peace process with Israel, and Morsi’s efforts.  He declared the Jihad against Israel must continue.  And tens of thousands of Morsi’s supporters agreed.

Cairo, Egypt
September 11, 2012
Thousands of Jihadist Protestors
Lower American flag and wield
Black Islamist flag at American Embassy

It was these very same extreme Islamist and pro-jihadist individuals who attacked our American Embassy in the thousands, lowering and burning our flag while wielding a black Jihadist flag.

As they attacked our sovereign soil in Cairo, they taunted Obama and the White House and screamed as one voice:

“We are all Osama bin Laden! Osama not Obama!”

So during this weeks peace talks, Morsi’s supporters were not particularly happy with Morsi’s diplomatic approach.  Some of their leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood made that clear.

But it should be noted that Morsi was shrewd from the onset. Perhaps he knew all along that the anger of the Brotherhood and his supporters would be short lived.  Within hours of  the Muslim Brotherhood denouncing the peace process with Israel, Morsi declared his decree, and when he did so, he declared himself dictator of Egypt.

As this major coup occurs and an Islamist Fascist president usurps his authority and seizes power in Egypt, is this just one more example of Obama’s failed foreign policy of “leading from behind”?  Did the Obama administration enable this ominous turn of events and perhaps even make it possible?

Did Obama’s Foreign Policy Create this Crisis?

As the crisis escalated to within a hairs breath of a ground invasion by Israel into the Gaza Strip, speaking out of both sides of his mouth, Morsi publically condemned Israel as he submitted to Washington’s repeated claim that he was an invaluable instrument of peace.

No doubt he was pleased when the Obama administration chose once more, to “lead from behind”.  Rather than take a neccessary firm stance in a commanding leadership role as both Israel’s ally and leader of the free world, the current administation in Washington declined to seize the reigns.

Instead, Washington repeatedly proclaimed Morsi’s essential and critical role in the talks between Gaza and Israel. They lead from behind, and thrust Morsi forward, into a critical strategic position.  A position where he could only stand to gain at the expense of Israel, the fledgling freedom movement in Egypt, and the free world as a whole.

From the Jerusalem Post: Hillary Clinton and
President Morsi, Israel/Gaza Peace talks

When they did so, the Obama administration offered Morsi an immediate and very significant advantage in a region of paramount importance.

Once more, leading from behind is a failed foreign policy that has impacted our national security, and the national security of our allies.

Washington not only declared the raging war between Gaza and Israel to be utterly dependent on Morsi’s intervention.

They also declared the very stability of the entire Middle East depended on Egypt and her new leader, President Morsi.  Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton placed Morsi on a pedestal as indispensable.

Tricks are for Kids – and Presidents:

Taking up the mantle foolishly thrust upon him by Washington, Morsi negotiated a cease fire between Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israel.  It was not nearly so difficult for him as some in the White House would like to pretend that it was.

Morsi was a prominent leader in the Muslim Brotherhood until he took office as President of Egypt.  Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They know that they can trust Morsi.  And tens of thousands of Egyptians have just found out they can not trust Morsi.

Hamas also wanted something: They wanted restrictions eased on their borders so they could funnel in more weapons from Iran to use in their unceasing attack against Israel.  And they got just what they wanted, courtesy of Morsi’s “peace negotiations”.

Is it any wonder Hamas is now declaring “victory” though their casualties and structural damage are far greater than Israel? To Hamas, a few hundred civilian lives is a small price to pay for the freedom to smuggle in weapons from Iran that they do not now have, but soon will, once more, courtesy  of President Morsi.

An Israeli satellite has already spotted a ship being stockpiled with weapons in Iran intended for Gaza.  Hamas and Iran intend to take full advantage of the cease fire negotiations, and smuggle more and deadlier weapons into the Gaza Strip.

Israel got something out of the deal too.  Sort of.  Israel is under no delusions.  They know this is a temporary cease fire and the terror tunnels they just blew to bits are being rebuilt.

But Israel received the promise that the US would aid them in their missle defense, and they were also spared tremendous loss of life that would have occured had they performed the ground invasion that was neccessary to declare their victory:

The utter destruction of Hamas, a terror group financed by Iran who has sworn to destroy them.

Israel is all to painfully aware, that significant loss of life to their troops and Palestinian civilians would have occured if they had launched a ground offensive.  They know that the nations, many of whom wish Israel’s destruction, would have scorned Israel’s effort to rid the world of the terrorists.  The same terrorists who thrive upon the fertile soil that is the terror breeding ground known as the Gaza Strip.

A regional war might have also occured, and Israel knows this to.  Unlike terrorists in power, she has no such wish. Her sole aim is justifiable self defense.  And she has merely bought time before the hostilities renew.  More than anything, Israel is also aware of this.

In the end, Gaza gained much and Israel gained some benefit in the cease fire.  But what about Morsi?

What inducement did Morsi have to alienate those tens of thousands of faceless “Osama Bin Ladens” who put him in office?

As has been noted, Morsi was shrewd from the onset.  It has been a brilliant and calculating win for Morsi, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Morsi played his cards right by placating those who lead from behind when they demanded he be the Middle East Peace Meister.

We’ve seen what Hamas gained.  But what did Morsi gain? We may now be witnessing it.  He may have gained a soft and tepid response from Washington instead of a neccessary firm and productive counter action to thwart his efforts.  Our response should have been quick and decisive.

There are measures we could take, and Morsi needs to be reminded of this, not catered to.  These measures would include cutting off financial aid to Egypt – and firmly denouncing Morsi’s coup from the White House – instead of appeasing the Islamist Fascist President who longed to become Dictator of Egypt.

Former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton spoke to Fox News this morning and gave his analysis of where Washington went wrong, how they may have contributed to Morsi’s coup, and what they should be doing to dismantle it.  See a video of Bolton’s interview and analysis with Fox by clicking here.

As it now stands, it appears that Morsi is grabbing his alloted portion from the peace talks, and showing his tyranical hand.  The brilliant part is that as he does so, with one hand he placates the Muslim Brotherhood and those supporters he alienated a few days ago – while with the other hand, he puts a stranglehold on the hope and aspirations of tens of thousands of pro-democracy Egyptians.

In one fell swoop, spurred on by Washington, Morsi made sure Hamas could be armed with more weapons that include longer range and deadlier weapons. And without firing a shot, Morsi placed his boot on the throat of the strugging and critical freedom revolution in Egypt, and became dictator of Egypt. When he did so, he endeared himself to the Muslim Brotherhood, and energized thousands of angry supporters who renewed their faltering support.

We are now once more seeing the disastrous consequences of the Obama administration leading from behind. They failed to lead during a Middle East crisis that threatened the entire region and Israel, one of our most critical allies. When they made this choice, they blindly gave Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood disciple and an Islamic Fascist President, a coveted diplomatic role of major international importance that he could not be trusted with. A critical role in the unstable and volatile region that is the Middle East.

Pro-Democracy Supporters
Tens of Thousands Oppose President Morsi

For Morsi, it’s check mate. He won all around.  Or so it would seem.

Thousands of outraged Egyptians may have something to say about that.  Already massed in the tens of thousands, they have planned a formal Million Man march for Tuesday.

But history may be on the side of Morsi.

An interesting parallel is something we have seen before from another dictator who also wished the destruction of the Jews.  After he was appointed Chancellor of Germany in 1933, Hitler converted the Weimar Republic into the Third Reich.  A dictatorship with Hitler of course, as supreme Dictator.

World War II was a result.

Morsi is an Islamic Fascist, just as Hitler was a Nazi Fascist.  The trouble with Fascists in power is that they are maniacle tyrants who do not give up.  Islamist Fascism is rearing is tyranical head in a mighty way in Egypt tonight, and it is doubtful that it will meekly stand down.

The next few days will decide the final outcome for Egypt’s Arab Spring.  Like many in Benghazi who desperately want freedom but face corruption and tyranny on a massive scale, the people of Egypt will now be forced to make a stand to seize freedom for all it’s worth and glory.

It is likely they will not allow Morsi to suffocate the life out of their revolution if there is a way to stop him.  As their revolution rapidly hurtles to a decisive moment, freedom is rising and on the march in Egypt.  In Cairo, in the Judiciary, and across the nation as a whole, Egyptian patriots are revolting against the heinous betrayal of their President Morsi.

Tricks are for kids.  They are also apparently for tyrants and Presidents.  But freedom is for patriots, and these may yet seize it.

“It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” ~Hassan al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood

“Liberty has never come from government.  Liberty has always come from the subjects of government.  The history of Liberty is the history of resistance.” ~President Woodrow Wilson


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