“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Update 3 Malala Yousafzai: Nobel Prize Awaits, Time Magazine Considers Malala for Person of the Year, Twisted Islamists Threaten a Fatwa Against Her

Top Left: Malala Yousafzai Before Assassination Attempt. Top Right: Taliban in Pakistan
Lower Left: Protestors for Malala in Islamabad, September 2012. Lower Right: Al Qaeda in Pakistan
Al Qaeda in Pakistan stood in solidarity with the Taliban and also condemned Malala

Left: From The Spectator in the UK: Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary (Getty)
Right: From The Continental News: Sheikh Omar Bakri

Why do these twisted fanatical men want Malala Yousafzai to die?

Sheikh Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudary suffer from a twisted fanatical perspective which supplies them with ample delusions of grandeur as they presume to speak for God and condemn Malala.

Like the Taliban and the rest of their brothers in arms, Sheikh Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudary are abominable remnants of the dark ages.  These ever dutiful Jihadists have taken it upon themselves to declare a Fatwa on Malala.

The following is an update on Malala, her recent honors and other events, and a portrait of the misfits of evil who wish to destroy her.

The Latest Update on Malala

Malala Reunited with her family
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Birmingham, England

While Malala Yousafzai continues to recover and gain her former strength back, she awaits critical surgery to repair damage inflicted to her skull by a Taliban assassination attempt.

While she recovers to the point where surgery can be done, she has recieved a bravery award, and a petition for education of children was signed by participants worldwide.  As early as October, the petition had already gained nearly one million signatures.

The United Nations Special Envoy for Education is former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown.  Gordan Brown organized the petition and “Malala Day, A Day of Action for girls right to school” to be held this past November 10th, 2012.

Gordon Brown declared November 10th to be Malala Day and he visited Pakistan to deliver the petition to the Pakistani government.  The event was global, as signers from around the world signed the petition and declared the support of Malala’s cause for education.  The BBC has posted an online slideshow of photos from Malala Day from Pakistan.

Foreign Policy magazine has also ranked her as number 6 among the globes top 100 thinkers.  Another petition has been launched to have her nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  To learn more, including how to sign the petition, see article at the BBC: Malala Yousafzai: Thousands sign Nobel Peace Prize petition

Also, Time magazine has her in the running for person of the year.

To visit Time Magazine’s website and see the current candidates and the current results click here.  Malala is currently ranking as third.  To visit their website and cast your vote for Malala, see this page: The Candidates: Malala Yousafzai

Children in Canada are even working hard to see that their school is named after Malala. And she has received visits from some of the world’s most powerful dignitaries.

Malala’s father has accepted temporary employment in the United Kingdom while Malala undergoes lengthy and extensive treatment and recovery.  Her father will be taking a temporary position at the Pakistan Consulate in Birmingham, England, as her family remains in Birmingham at her side.

Why are Evil Men so Threatened by Malala?

Misfits of evil continue to support the Taliban’s attempt at murder.  When they failed to take her life the first time, the Taliban in Pakistan swore they would try again to kill her if she survived.

Al Qaeda
In Pakistan

They also grew angry at the shame the world levied at them for their heinous and murderous act.  So they declared a War on the Media.  And the media ignored them and continued to report on Malala.

Al Qaeda in Pakistan even came out in solidarity with the Taliban, and declared Malala was getting undue press coverage.  A slander campaign was launched against her, and she was declared “a spy of the west”, and they proclaimed Malala was a tool being used against them.

One target of their War on the Media was Mr. Hamid Mir.  He is a journalist who barely escaped with his life two days ago in Islamabad.  On Monday, November 26th, a car bomb in the form of an Improvised Explosive Devide was placed under his car and discovered before it could take his life.  He had covered Malala’s story in the press.

He was spared when one of his security officers spotted the bomb attached beneath his car.  An error in the wiring of the bomb had caused failure to detonate.  A miracle thwarted the evil intentions of evil men and prevented the murder of Mr. Hamid Mir who was targeted for covering Malala’s story.

In response to the attempt on his life and the Taliban’s War on the Media, Interior Minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik, offered a monetary reward for information on the attempt of the journalist’s life. He also offered additional protection for Hamid Mir, who stated after the botched attempt on his life, that he would not stop telling the truth.

Yesterday, the Taliban took formal responsibility for the attempted bombing.

In response to the attack, Malala and her father telephoned Hamid Mir in solidarity, and he sent out the following tweet:

“Malala Yousafzai and her father just called me from UK and expressed their solidarity. Malala said that Insha Allah we will defeat terrorists,” Mir tweeted.

I wasn’t certain what Insha Allah means so I looked it up.  It means God willing.  “God willing we will defeat the terrorists”.

Malala’s profound statement reflects wisdom once more beyond her years.  It also continues to speak volumes to her courage and refusal to submit to tyranny.  Many stand in agreement as terrorists continue to kill, oppress, and threaten others all over the globe.  God is no doubt willing, the terrorists will be defeated.  But while they can, they still stalk the innocent.

Recently, following the weekend of Malala Day this past November 10th, fanatical and twisted zealots seized the worldwide stage to oppose Malala.  They made a vague announcement that their hardline Islamist group from the United Kingdom would soon be issuing a Fatwa against Malala.  Initally the only named individual was Mr. Anjem Choudary.

Since that time, Sheikh Omar Bakri and Mr. Anjem Choudary acting on behalf of a UK based extreme Islamist group called “Sharia 4 Pakistan”, have both stepped forward to claim responsibility for the proposed Fatwa.

The group was planning to hold a conference in Islamabad this Friday, and their Fatwa was to be issued from Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) located in Islamabad.

As reported in The Birmingham Mail, Sheikh Bakri clearly stated his foul intentions and his maniacal logic:

“Malala is a traitor to Islam because of her attitude and failure to behave like a good Muslim.  The Taliban were right to try to punish her because death is the ultimate punishment for apostacy, for regressing from Islam, and that applies to males or females.  Malala is mature Islamically, she is not immature, she has reached that period we say is adulthood so she is responsible for her actions and any consequences. Ideally she should face an Islamic court which would most likely sentence her to death under Sharia law which is the only law a Muslim should recognise.”

From the UK, the Spectator also reported on the upcoming event and Mr. Anjem Choudary.  The Spectator reports Mosque officials at Lal Masjid where the group had planned to issue it’s Fatwa, have denounced both men and their Fatwa against Malala.

However the fanatics of Shariah 4 Pakistan originally declared there is nothing the Mosque officials can do to prevent them from pronouncing the Fatwa from the Mosque, as the Mosque is open to them.

An interesting article was written by Mr. Vaqas Asghar, a columnist for the Express Tribune.  His article includes an in depth and scathing profile of both Sheihk Bakri, and Anjem Choudary.

Bakri and Choudary have both been involved in a number of serious Islamist events, and they have earned the searing rebuke found at the Express Tribune.  For further information on both individuals, see Mr. Asghar’s excellent article: Shariah4Pakistan: Send in the Clowns.

We learn from this article much more about these misfits and their overall place in the world.

Fortunately, Sheikh Bakri and Anjem Choudary were both wrong.  There was something that could be done to stop them from arriving at the Mosque in Islamabad and issuing their Fatwa.

The officials at the Mosque put their foot down against it, and the Pakistani government also denied the key speakers of the group a visa.  Such a visa would have allowed them to enter Pakistan and proceed with their “conference” and their Fatwa, against the express wishes of Mosque officials.

It has now been reported by the Pakistani publication “International News”, that the whole event has been cancelled.  The misfits of evil have been thwarted once more.

But a question remains that needs answering:

Why are these men and other cowardly tyrants like the Taliban, so threatened by a young woman?  A young woman that merely wanted the girls of Pakistan to be able to go to school.  Why do they despise her so much?

CNN journalist Fareed Zakaria provides the answer to “why”:

Malala’s Dream Prevails

Malala Yousafzai
Before Assassination
Attempt by the Taliban

Before the attack that nearly took her life, as a young activist Malala told a journalist of her dream:

“…to see my valley freed from the clutches of Taliban, to see girls flying like butterflies, free from any restrictions….I want to change the political system so there is social justice and equality and change in the status of girls and women”

For daring to dream this dream, the Taliban tried to kill her.  Sheikh Bakri and Anjem Choudary believed she should stand trial under Sharia law and be put to death.  While the world still reels in revulsion for the heinous crimes committed against Malala, these and others, continue to slander her name and plot her destruction.

Millions of others have been strengthened by her strength and inspired by her courage. They have been repulsed, horrified, and outraged, by the evil of her attackers.  They have continued to stand by Malala and support her cause with action. Action that will benefit many for years to come.

In spite of the diabolical efforts of the Taliban, and men such as Sheikh Bakri and Anjem Choudary, Malala’s dream is coming true.  Much to the chagrin of her would be murderer’s, their evil intent was thwarted.

The brutal and murderous act of the Taliban brought worldwide recognition of their despicable ways and a global effort to see that Malala’s dream does come true.  Now the Taliban and their minions face justified worldwide shame and condemnation that they brought upon themselves.

Included among their minions of evil are Sheihk Bakri, Anjem Choudary, and Al Qaeda in Pakistan who joined in solidarity with the Taliban when they shot Malala.

Because of their attack against Malala, the Taliban and their brethren who are united against Malala, are individuals who are currently mocked worldwide as dark age fanatical madmen on a mission of wicked intent.

And while these stumble in the foul cesspool of shame they themselves created, Malala, a daughter of Pakistan, is only just beginning.  Malala will always love and treasure Pakistan and her beloved Swat, and Pakistan will always treasure Malala. The two will always be an intricate part of each other, Malala and Pakistan.

Nevertheless, though she has barely begun, as her dream begins to be realized, she already leaves a legacy not just for her Pakistani sisters, but also for children all over the world.

We may soon see Malala on the cover of Time as person of the year.  Or it may be announced in the future that Malala has received a Nobel Peace Price.  But no matter the case, Malala takes her rightful place as a global icon.  She is a champion for her people, for the educational rights of girls and social justice in Pakistan, and elsewhere.

Thus far her greatest accomplishment has been the manifestation of her dream.  As her dream comes to life, it exposes the evil men and the forces of darkness which oppose it.  As it begins to live and breathe, her dream becomes a global reality provoking social justice and providing hope for an education to millions of children worldwide.

A fifteen year old girl has struck a terrifying and devastating blow into the hearts of murderous dark age tyranical fanatics.  She did so by daring to dream a dream of freedom and justice that will now come true.

“The situation in Swat was normal until the Taliban appeared and destroyed the peace of Swat.  They started their inhuman activities, they slaughtered people in the squares of Mingora and they killed so many innocent people. Their first target was schools, especially girls schools. They blasted so many girls schools – more than 400 schools and more than 50,000 students suffered under the Taliban……We were afraid the Taliban might throw acid on our faces or might kidnap us. They were barbarians, they could do anything.” ~Malala Yousafzai, in a statement to the BBC, August, 2011.


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