“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

About Southpaw Tracks

The American Revolution: George Washington Crossing the Delaware
By Emmanuel Leutze, 1851

This site is brand new, and will grow with time.  The name “Southpaw Tracks” occured because I am a Southpaw, and this is my journal wherein I will leave my tracks along the trail and follow the tracks of others on a myriad of issues.  As time goes on, this site will be expanded to include a section on history, women in history, heroes, hellions, patriots, pirates, the current war on terror and the struggles of our troops, and everything in between that falls somewhere out of reach of all of the above.

For now, here is a little about me: I come from a long line of patriots who have served our nation from the time of the original colonies of the 1600’s to today.  I was born on an Army base, my mother and father were both soldiers in the United States Army, and I am the wife of a retired Army Infantry Officer. I am also a descendent of the American Revolution, a History buff, and a passionate lover of wildlife.  I often prefer to be outside rather than inside.

Not everything I write in this journal will be political, but a great deal will be. So here is where I stand from a political perspective.  I am a Republican with live and let live Libertarian inclinations, therefore the political perspectives shared here are based upon my political and personal opinions as a Republican. I am not however, an automaton, so I do not agree with every hard right Republican for the sake of “party”.  I’m not a big fan of running with the pack in the first place, so I tend to forge my own path and form my own ideals. My allegiance is to liberty, and to my nation, not a “political party”, and I reserve the right to diverge from the party line when I feel it to be in the best interest of my country.

I’m not old, but I am old school.  Therefore I cannot embrace the wave of socialist and marxist political agendas that currently threaten our nation as we know it.  I cannot do so because I love my country passionately, she is the bastion and stronghold for that which I believe in as the highest of divine ideals: Liberty, and thus, opposition to tyranny.

It is my belief that in the days ahead America is facing an unprecedented struggle for survival amongst increasingly Anti-American agendas – and those Anti-American sentiments are growing stronger with each day. Overseas, Jihadists seek to destroy our country, and oppress and terrorize the free world as a whole.  Within our own borders, far left liberals chant “hope and change” and vote socialist marxists like Obama into office.  Joining these forces in the tragic destruction of our country are Americans too indifferent, or ignorant, or prejudiced, to take a stand to halt the demise of this great nation.

These pages were bequeathed to me by my ancestors whose blood secured the First Amendment that gives me the right to pen these words, and it is here within these pages that I will be documenting my observations and perspectives of life in general – including current events, both national, and worldwide. You will not find apologies here for being American, for promoting American values, and for opposing the liberal left socialist agenda.

All are welcome to read or comment, but hard left liberals be forewarned: Your trolling, your Anti-American views, and any promotion of your political agenda, will not be tolerated here under any circumstances. Ever. Period.

Having made that clear, to everyone else, welcome to my new home here on the cyber web, glad you came by. And may God bless and uphold the United States of America in the trying days to come.


One response

  1. Gayle Fransen

    I was very impressed with your analysis of “Dead cats on the whitehouse steps” and look forward to more. Your views are very much like mine.

    May 14, 2013 at 7:33 am

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