“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Pakastani Activist, Malala Yousafzai: Index of All Posts & Updates

On October 9th, 2012, the horrific news broke that a young girl had been shot in the head by the Taliban for going to school.  I will never forget the initial shock and horror that overcame me as the story came through in the breaking news.  I still wrestle with tears when I review her story.

I very quickly discovered this young woman was targeted for a reason by the Taliban.  An international child activist, she blogged about life under the Taliban from the age of eleven, and she championed the right of girls to receive an education.  A brilliant student in her own right, she defied the Taliban.  She dreamed a dream that the young girls of Pakistan would be “free to fly like butterflies, free of restrictions”.

In her innocent and gentle way, for the Taliban, she was a force to contend with.  Her defiance of their tyranny so outraged and threatened them they attempted to destroy her.

In the days to come this extraordinary young woman would be forced to show the world the heinous evil that rules those like the Taliban.  And the world would be forced to witness the horrific truth of these misfits of evil so prevalent in Malala’s world, and throughout the Middle East.

I will never forget Malala.  I still think of her almost daily.  She is remarkable, and her story is far from over.  Early on, following her shooting, the Taliban threatened to kill her again if she survived.  She did survive, and she will survive. And this daughter of Pakistan has moved a nation and the world to successfully demand justice for the young women in her beloved home of Swat and elsewhere.

What the Taliban intended for evil, neither God nor man will sanction.  In the end, Malala’s brave stand will achieve enlightenment and liberty for so many.  Her dream will be fulfilled.

With the blessings of God upon her, the spirit of freedom inspires Malala, and she will join other women and heroes of history among the world’s finest patriots.

Index of All Posts on Malala:


Malala Yousaffzai
Before Being Shot
By the Taliban

Post: A Hero Has Fallen: 14 Year Old Patriot Shot in the Head by Taliban

Contains the breaking news that Malala had been shot.  It was originally reported that she was 14 years old.  In the days to come, we would learn she was actually 15 years old.

This post contains quotes from the breaking news on what occured.

There is also an update indicating she had survived the shooting with a photo of her unconscious, and in route to hospital.

This post also contains a biography of her as a chld activist, links to previous articles written about her by journalists, and a link to a video of interviews with Malala before the shooting.


Photo from the Washington Post
Islamabad on Oct. 10, 2012.

Post: Malala Yousafzai, Update: Taliban Assassins Arrested, National Day of Prayer, Taliban Vows to Strike Again, Malala flown to UK, Police beheaded by Taliban

This post only three days after her shooting demonstrates how quickly the world was galvanzied to take action.  This post begins with and update on her transfer to a military hospital in Pakistan where the bullet was removed.

This post also contains information on the first arrests.

Rallies nationwide were also held, and a National Day of Prayer vigil.  At this point the Taliban is already stating they will kill her if she survives.

This post contains updates, links, and photos over several days, until the time she was ultimately flown to the UK for advanced Neurological treatment and rehabilitation in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England.  Upon her arrival in Birmingham, a new update post was started.


Post: Update 2, Malala Yousafzai in the UK: Malala to Receive Sitara-e-Shujaat (The Star of Bravery), Taliban War on Media, Malala Standing & Communicating

This post contains numerous updates.

It begins with the arrival of Malala in the UK, and it and contains the announcement that Malala would recieve the high honor of the Star of Bravery medal from the Pakistani government.  It also contains detailed information on the Taliban’s stated War on the Media, and their intent to send suicide bombers to attack them for covering Malala’s story.

It contains many updates, including photos, her medical progress, her reunion with her family as they arrive in the UK to join her at her bedside. It also contains many links.  Including a link to a wonderful article “My Conversations with Malala”, which was an article done by a journalist who had visited with Malala and spoken with her in depth before the shooting.  It is in this article we learn that Malala’s dream is a dream of freedom for all girls of Pakistan to “fly free like Butterflies”.

It also contains the initial plan of Gordon Brown to petition the UN and hold Malala Day: A Day of Action.  This update page is ongoing.  It is a status page on Malala that is updated with her progress continuously.  It is long,and  it is extensive.  The updates to this post ended on 11/28/2012 when a new update page was created.  See below, Update 3.


Al Qaeda
In Pakistan

Post: On Pakistan, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Drones

This post is not an update on Malala’s medical condition.  It was written as Al Qaeda in Pakistan had just announced their solidarity with the Taliban over the shooting of Malala.  It addresses the fact that supporters of the Taliban were deliberately slandering Malala, and America.

The post is also about my search for the truth.  In coming to know Malala’s story, I was forced to look beyond my own borders to her beloved home of Swat, and Pakistan.  I was very troubled because as I came to know Pakistan, it began to appear that Pakistani’s hated America. The recent riots there where tens of thousands of them screamed “Death to America” certainly seemed to confirm it.

So I was inspired to search for the truth on why Pakistani’s seemed to hate us so much. I discovered various reasons. All of which saddened me.

This post is about what I discovered in my search for the truth.  I read articles from Pakistani journalists, and talked with others. Including a friend from Saudi Arabia who is a former pilot from the Saudi Air Force.  He gave me some insight, but it was after I had written this post so I was not able to include it at the time the post was written.  I don’t believe all Pakistani’s hate us, but this post examines why many do.


George Washington
Crossing the Delaware
in the American Revolution
By Emanuel Leutze, 1851

Post: The War on Women: Binders vs Burqas

This post is about human rights violations against women in China, the Middle East, and Africa.  During the recent election here in the United States, politicians from the Democrat party put out a lot of bogus campaign propaganda on a “War on Women” in America.

This post addresses the foolishness of American women who believe such nonsense, and it speaks to the real War on Women, which is not being waged in America.

In this post, Malala is the Ambassador for women in the Middle East who live under the tyranny of the Taliban. Life for women who suffer under Taliban rule is discussed, as is life for women who face serious and horrible human rights violations in China and Africa as well.

This post also contains links to articles, and sites where you can lend your support in the fight against the real War on Women.


Left: From The Spectator in the UK: Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary (Getty)
Right: From The Continental News: Sheikh Omar Bakri

Post: Update 3 Malala Yousafzai: Nobel Prize Awaits, Time Magazine Considers Malala for Person of the Year, Twisted Islamists Threaten a Fatwa Against Her

This post contains many new links to numerous honors recently given to Malala.  It also takes a look at the attempted murder of a journalist who covered Malala’s story, and a look at those who continue to try to destroy her.  Numerous links and a video are included.


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