“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

Chris Stevens & the Benghazi Cover Up: Index of All Posts, Chronological Time Frame

Photos from “The Telegraph” in the UK
Chris Stevens, Attack on US Consulate in Benghazi,
Lowering of American Flag in Cairo

On September 11, 2012, our Consulate was attacked by Al Qaeda linked terrorists in Benghazi, Libya.  The immediate news informed us that Ambassador Chris Stevens, and three other Americans had been killed by an angry mob infuriated by a previously unknown video called “Innocence of Muslims”.  It would be learned that those who died with Ambassador Chris Stevens were Sean Smith, an Air Force veteran, and Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were former Navy Seals.  Tyrone Smith and Glen Doherty died while making their last stand defending the annex against the terrorists.

As the news initially broke, the Middle East erupted in flame and violent protest throughout the region at the urging of Jihadists who provoked tens of thousands to rise up.  The American people were repeatedly told by the Obama administration that our Ambassador had been murdered by an angry mob on the rampage.  The truth is,  there was no angry mob in Benghazi that night.  As the days unfolded, who could have imagined that piece by piece, it would become clear that we had been lied to?

The story unfolds at a rapid pace, but one thing is for certain: No credible voice can now say there is not a cover up.   Even as some claim that the Republicans are merely politicizing this horrific tragedy, elected legislators continue to do their duty and demand justice as representatives of the people.

In the days to come, there are to be Senate hearings, and investigations conducted.  This section is here to provide a continued chronological update of events.  The older posts will appear at the top, and new posts will be added to the list as they are written.  A brief description of the events of each post will be included.


A young boy in Bhenghazi, Libya, apologizes to America and denounces the Jihadist’s ideals of
“The Prophet”.

Post: A Tale of Two Prophets and the Legitimate Innocence of Muslims

My first post on the murder of Ambassador Stevens.

It is here that I first state that Washington is not telling the truth, and their explanations are bogus.

Contains a description of the uprisings going on in the Middle East during this time, my thoughts on the Global Jihad, and my angry reaction as like many Americans, I struggled to find restraint.

Contains a gallery of photos from Muslims in support of the Ambassador.


From the
New York Daily
Chris Stevens

Post: Newly Released Video Shows Chris Stevens Alive as Libyan’s Attempted Rescue

This was post was posted shortly after the first post as the news broke with a translation of the video taken by Libyans at the scene as they discovered the Ambassador.

Contains footage via a video of the moment they found the Ambassador and took him outside.  Contains a translation of the video as provided by the news.

As I noted in this post, many rumors surround this video.  At the time this was written, all I had on it was based on the translation of the video as provided by the news.  It was here we first got a glimpse via photo’s of the heavy ammo that was used supposedly by “a mob”.  The weaponry included rocket propelled grenades, mortars which had to be expertly calibrated, and body armour.  As for those who “rescued” Ambassador Stevens: Some say they were looters. I do not know.  Some say the Ambassador was abused and drug through the streets. I have found no evidence of this. This video appears to contradict that theory. Out of respect for the Ambassador, I will not contribute to such theories, but have chosen to rely on the evidence.  It appeared to be a legitimate rescue.  If it is proven to be otherwise, I will update the post and say so.


A Salifist Jihadist in Egypt, following the election, where his party received 25% of the vote.

Post: Terrorists Responsible for Uprising: As the Facts Emerge, Obama Administration is Proven Incompetent

This post was written as the news broke that counterterrorism experts were saying behind the scenes that an Al Qaeda linked terrorist group, Ansar Al-Sharia and a former Gitmo detainee were linked to the attack. The Gitmo detainee was Sufyan bin Qumu who had been linked to numerous Jihadist activities.  Ansar Al-Sharia is a Salifist Al-Qaeda linked terror group believed to be responsible for the attack on the Consulate.

This post was written during the time the Ambassador and those slain at Benghazi had just been flown home.  It is also immediately following the charade where Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, had appeared on numerous talk shows still claiming the event was a spontaneous mob attack based on the video, Innocence of Muslims.  The Obama administration is still saying so at this time.  This post contains links to the Defense Department file on the Gitmo Detainee Sufyan bin Qumu with all known Jihadist activities.  This post also contains a video of Congressman Allen West (R-FL), blasting Ambassador Susan Rice as “Assinine and Incompetent” for her assessment of what occured and for continuing to say there was no terror attack, but a spontaneous mob reacting to the video.


Protestors in Benghazi, Libya

Post: Pro-Freedom Libyan Citizens Attack Extremists and Murderers of Ambassador Stevens

The day before this post was written, tens of thousands of Libyans protested in Benghazi against Jihadist militias and demanded justice for Ambassador Stevens.  Governor Romney later spoke of this triumph by the people in a foreign policy speech he delivered at the Military Institute in Virginia.

The same day of the protest for Stevens in Benghazi, tens of thousands in Pakistan were rioting against the United States – in spite of the fact that Obama had sent them a seventy thousand dollar Public Service Announcement to apologize for the video, Innocence of Muslims.

The next day, when I wrote this, the people of Benghazi had attacked four known Jihadist militias, including Ansar Al-Sharia, believed guilty of the murder of Ambassador Stevens, and they drove the extremists out of town.  A day or two later, the Libyan government gave all Jihadist militias 48 hours to disarm and leave.

Nevertheless, the FBI had not yet entered Benghazi to investigate Stevens’ murder, as they deemed it too dangerous.   At the time I wrote this, I naively believed that the Jihadist’s had successfully been driven off.  This is not the case.  The Libyan government struggles to take control and the people are pretty much caught in the middle.  At this time I also hoped for strategic reasons, and because I have hoped for their freedom, that we might be able to continue to help the Libyan government.  I’m not certain this is realistic anymore.  One thing that has bothered me: If tens of thousands of protestors were able to gather and rally for Ambassador Stevens, why was it not safe enough to send in the FBI before they finally arrived to investigate the murders at the Consulate in early October?


Photos from “The Telegraph” in the UK
Chris Stevens,
Attack on US Consulate in Benghazi,
Lowering of American Flag in Cairo

Post: Obama and the Audacity of Failure: Chris Stevens, the Benghazi Cover Up, the Tragedy of Libya

Here is where things got really sticky for the White House.  An investigation and hearings had begun, witnessess were testifying and evidence being reviewed.  The day of this post documents were publically released that proved for months Al Qaeda had been quietly taking control of the city and the employees of the Consulate had repeatedly asked for help.  Immediately prior to this, Joe Biden had just stated in the Vice Presidential Debate that no one knew they needed more security at the Consulate.

This post contains links to the documents as evidence.  This post also contains a video of Democratic Senator Dick Durbin in an interview saying “Al Qaeda was on their heels” – as the news was breaking that day that a major Al Qaeda terror plot had just been twarted in Jordan that would have killed thousands, and also targeted our embassasies and diplomats.

The following week, a similiar plot targeting multiple US embassasies in Indonesia was also thwarted.  Throughout this time, and up until the day of the election, Obama continues to claim on the campaign that Al Qaeda has been “decimated” and was “on the run”.

This post also contains update on the presence of a drone that filmed the attack, and a full video of an excellent in depth report done by Brett Baeir of Fox News called “Death and Deceipt in Benghazi”.


Photo from Washington Examiner
Lt. Col. Andrew Wood, left, a Utah National Guard Army Green Beret who was the top security official at the United States consulate in Libya, answers questions from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. (AP photo)

Post: Latest AP Poll Shows Romney Takes the Lead; The Real October Suprise: Democrats Endorse Big Bird, Ignore Benghazi Cover Up

The press continues to ignore this very ominous cover up.  This post takes a look at the media bias levied at the cover up.  It also contains a link to sites who have documented the media bias.

It also contains an update from 10/26/2012 that the news was breaking that the CIA had denied requests for help from Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.  They had defied orders to stand down and were killed by mortar fire while defending the annex after saving lives.

This post contains a link to the breaking news at Fox.  This post also contains the full video of Death and Deceit in Benghazi, with Brett Baier from Fox News that was previously posted.

It also has an update saying that Fox would be broadcasting another in depth report: “Special Report Investigates: Benghazi — New Revelations” .


Post: Give Them Their Due: Remember Benghazi

This post was written as Hurricane Sandy was striking the east coast. It is about how important it is that we remember our fallen heroes of Benghazi for what they were:  Brave patriots who died defending American lives, not victims of an angry mob.  There are links here to the statements and interviews of the parents of the fallen, as well as statement and links from the Vaughn family, the family of slain Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn, who was killed with 21 other Navy Seals in retaliation for the death of Osama Bin Laden after Obama leaked that Seal Team Six had killed him.  This post contains a video of an interview with Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods who was killed in Benghazi.  He declares Obama administration to be cowards and murderers.  This post was written as many were trying to silence legislators who are conducting the investigation. It is noted here that this is nothing but an attempt to slander those seeking justice.  In this post I write that I will not vote for Obama because I love my country.  A day or two later, when Obama tells everyone in his camp to vote for “revenge”, Governor Romney made me very happy when he said to vote for love of country. It was great to hear that coming from him, it is how I have felt all along.


From The Washington Times
Obama and Hillary Clinton
Speak in Rose Garden
on the Death of
Ambassador Stevens
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Post: Sandy Departs Leaving Tragedy; Firestorm of Benghazi Cover Up Continues

This post is about how those in power are taking steps to continue the investigation. It is also about how Obama’s popularity is waning.  It is noted here that Madonna had some in her audience walk out when she promoted Obama.  This post contains links to letters and efforts by legislators to get information from Obama.  Also it is here that we learn that a suspect has been taken into custody in Tunisia who was identified on camera via drone, that night at the Consulate when the attack occured.  This post includes plans by Senators to gain access to the suspect in Tunisia.

This post also contains an excellent video of an interview with Democratic Pollster, Pat Cadell.  In the interview he declares the press to be guilty of media bias for not covering the story, and he says the press is ”a fundamental threat to the Democracy of America, and an enemy of the people”.  Pat Cadell nailed it and made not attempt to conceal his anger. I highly recommend this video. It explains “why” the media have not covered Benghazi.

There is also a link here to an excellent article by Retired Admiral James Lyons, former commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and senior U.S. military representative to the United Nations.  In his article, Admiral Lyons explains from a military perspective why we could have sent help that night and prevented the murders in Benghazi.


Post: Benghazi Cover Up: Geraldo Throws a Fit, The FBI in Route to Tunisia, and The Latest Evidence

This post contains three videos.  The first is of Geraldo Rivera having a fit on Fox and Friends defending Obama. There is a link to a video with Bill O’Reilly of Fox News holding Geraldo to the line for his leniency on Obama.  A second video is from Senator Pat Roberts.  He is the foremost senior United States Marine in the Senate.  He talks about the cover up at great length with Greta Van Susteren on the record.  He discusses the damage done to our current troops who no longer trust Obama.  Links are also here to letters and documents from legislators still trying to get info from Obama. This post notes that the FBI has just left for Tunisia to interrogate the suspect who was arrested last week.  The third video is of breaking news on new classified cables, and information that has been learned from an on site team of journalists from Foreign Policy Magazine who were sent into Benghazi after the FBI left.  They found new evidence, it is discussed in the video.  There is also a link to their article at Foreign Policy Magazine, and I highly recomend the article, it is excellent. This post also notes that Obama is still on the campaign trail declaring Al Qaeda as “decimated and on the run” even though there have been two recent major Al Qaeda terror plots targeting US embassasies thwarted in the past two weeks. (Jordan and Indonesia).


Photo From
Frontiers of Freedom
Formal Hearing on
Benghazi Cover Up
October, 2012

Post: Update Benghazi Cover Up: New and Credible Witnesses Dispute CIA Account and Claims on Military Capability; Congressman Mike Kelly Vows to Hold Obama Administration Accountable

The title pretty much says it all.  New witnesses talk of events that night.  They point to military options in the region that were not used, and talk of their frustration as hours before the attack occured, it becamse clear what was happening.

This post also contains a video of David Axelrod trying to deflect hard questions on the cover up.  Also contains multiple links to efforts and letters of legislators, videos of their interviews, and statements.  Also contains news of new bipartisian commitee to be formed for investigation.


Post: Update Benghazi Cover Up: House and Senate to Convene Hearings, New Suspects Come to Light

The title says most of it. Contains links and videos.  Will expand description as time permits.


General David Petraeus

Post: Benghazi Cover Up: New Timeline Given By Pentagon, Probe into Possible Leaks, General Petraeus Resigns from CIA

Originally a very short Breaking News update written as word came that General Petraeus had just resigned as Director of the CIA.  In this post, it first comes to light that morning that National Intelligence had ordered an investigation to investigate possible leaks of classified information.  This post also contains the breaking news that the Pentagon had released a new timeline of events that happened in Benghazi.

That same afternoon, the scandal broke with General Petreaus in the spotlight. It is learned that he has been having an affair with Paula Broadwell behind the scenes.  This post contains links to video and articles on the above stories as they broke.  This post also contains updates and links over the next couple of days pertaining to new information that came out on Paula Broadwell, and Jill Kelley.   It has been learned by now that Broadwell was indeed the one responsible for sending anonymous emails to Kelley that lead to the investigation on Petraeus. It has also come to light that an unknown “whistle blower” may be involved in launching the investigation into Petraeus.


Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

Post: Benghazi Cover Up: Pentagon’s Latest Timeline Conflicts with CIA, Broadwell May Have Leaked Reason For Attack, Petraeus’ Prior Testimony Called into Question

By now, all hell is breaking loose on the Petraeus scandal.  It was reported that Paula Broadwell may have leaked classified information on the Benghazi cover up by possibly stating the real cause for the attack in Benghazi that night. In so doing, she may have implicated Petraeus. Also, the new timeline issued by the Pentagon just a few days before has come under fire for contradicting the timeline of the CIA.

By now, legislators are beginning to question if Petraeus commited perjury in previous testimony on the Benghazi cover up.

Much more has come out on Broadwell and Kelley.  By now, the FBI investigator who was contacted by Jill Kelley to investigate the emails she received from Broadwell has come under investigation as well for sending shirtless photos. It appears as of today, that this FBI investigator is the likely unknown whistle blower.

The day after this post was posted, on November thirteenth, an update was added as the news broke early that ANOTHER General, General John Allen, was under investigation by order of Panetta. General Allen is now being investigated for roughly 20-30 thousand email exchanges with Broadwell.   This update includes news that the FBI had been at Broadwell’s home the night of the 12th.  This post contains multiple links to breaking news, and videos are embedded.


House Intelligence Committee: Ranking Democrat Rep. C.A. Ruppersberger (Left) Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich) (Right)

Post: Benghazi Cover Up: Details on Tomorrow’s Hearings, Petraeus Offers Testimony, Eric Holder and FBI Face Questions

This post was written the day before hearings in the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  This post also notes that Attorney General Eric Holder and the FBI are coming under scruting for not telling investigating legislators of the House and Senate that General Petraeus was being investigated. As this post was being written, the news broke that General Petraeus would be offering his testimony in the near future.  See post for specifics.  Also in this post, multiple videos of legislators who are on these committees giving their thoughts on both the events in Benghazi, the cover up, and the hearings.  Links to breaking news on General Petraeus, General Allen, Eric Holder and the FBI as well.


Post: Benghazi Cover Up: Legislators Emerge from Yesterday’s Hearings Outraged; Breaking: Petraeus Gave Testimony, Confirms it was known to be a Terrorist Attack

This post was written the day after the three hearings in the House and Senate.  As it was being written, the news broke that Petreaus had finished giving his testimony in closed door hearings.  His testimony appears to conflict his previous earlier testimony as he stated this morning he knew within 24 hours it was an Al Qaeda linked terror attack.  His testimony also indicates Paula Broadwell knew more than she was supposed to.  I say this because she also stated he knew within 24 hours it was a terror attack (she said so in her speech in Denver).  This post also contains multiple videos of angry legislators in action at the hearings, and in interviews following the hearings.

The other issue that is coming to the spotlight is that the original talking points memo that was used by Ambassador Rice said it was an Al Qaeda terror attack, per the CIA.  The memo was changed by someone to eliminate references to terror and Al Qaeda. The trail is murky, but many believe it leads to the White House.


General Carter F. Ham and Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette

Post: Benghazi Cover Up, Dead Cats and Collateral Damage: General Petraeus, General Allen, General Ham, and Admiral Gaouette?

This post contains an updated on the new issues that evolved from the hearings.  Namely, Petreaus changed his testimony from prior testimony, and is now saying he knew within 24 hours it was a terror attack, and the original memo used for talking points to the public had all mention of Al Qaeda and terrorists removed from it.  Ambassador John Bolton lays the blame for this deception on the White House.  This post also explores the fact that three top brass commanders have either been disgraced, replaced, announced unexpected retirement, or have been removed from command during investigation.  This includes they mystery of Admiral Gaouette, and General Ham.  This post also examines “why” this occured.

This post contains videos, including a video update of the latest news from the hearings, and a video of Congressman Chaffetz saying the information given to him by General Ham on why the military did not aid in Benghazi that night, conflicts with the Defense Department’s statement.  This post also contains videos of very recent breaking news in the last days of October, of thwarted attacks planned by Al Qaeda in Jordan on American embassasies, and more western diplomats.  Within 2 days of one such attack, Obama was still claiming Al Qaeda had been “decimated”.  Video of Obama in Greenbay, Wisconsin making this false claim on November 1st, two days after a second thwarted terror attack in Indonesia, which also planned to hit two American embassasies, and more western diplomats such as Ambassador Stevens.


Post: Update Benghazi Cover Up: Director of National Intelligence, Department of Justice, and the FBI, Face New Questions

In a new statement issued by the Office of National Intelligence, another contradiction arrives in the midst of several contradictions currently being investigated.  The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, run by National Intelligence Director James Clapper, issued a new statement saying they were responsible for the change in the talking points memo.  Their newest statement utterly contradicts their statement under oath last week that the intelligence community did not know who changed the talking points memo to remove all reference to Al Qaeda and a terror attack.

Also in this post: The Department of Justice and the FBI also come under scrutiny by legislators for their role in the Petraeus investigation.  General John Allen resumes command of Afghanistan forces, and Petraeus hires an attorny that may signal a book in the making.  Videos and links to the above are included in this post.


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