“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” ~Samuel Adams

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Update Benghazi Cover Up: Six Senators Exit Meetings with Rice, White House Withholding Key Evidence, Additional Lawmakers Declare Cover Up

Obama was outraged last week.  He was particulary angered as those investigating the Benghazi cover up followed the trail of deception which ultimately led them to look closer at Ambassador Susan Rice.

Lawmakers have come down hard on Ambassador Rice for her blatent misrepresentation of events that she portrayed to the American people on five Sunday talk shows.  Obama feigned chivalry, and declared so called “attacks” against Ambassador Susan Rice for her role in the cover up to be “outrageous”.

Ambassador Rice initiated meetings and met with a total of six senators this week, and failed to explain her actions which constituted a deliberate misrepresentation of fact.

Meanwhile, legislators who are investigating the cover up have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of cooperation from the White House.  The White House has refused to supply information and possible evidence that legislators have repeatedly requested.

Also this week, two additional lawmakers declared the Obama administration was guilty of a cover up.

The following is an update on the latest in the Benghazi cover up.



Update 3 Malala Yousafzai: Nobel Prize Awaits, Time Magazine Considers Malala for Person of the Year, Twisted Islamists Threaten a Fatwa Against Her

Top Left: Malala Yousafzai Before Assassination Attempt. Top Right: Taliban in Pakistan
Lower Left: Protestors for Malala in Islamabad, September 2012. Lower Right: Al Qaeda in Pakistan
Al Qaeda in Pakistan stood in solidarity with the Taliban and also condemned Malala

Left: From The Spectator in the UK: Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary (Getty)
Right: From The Continental News: Sheikh Omar Bakri

Why do these twisted fanatical men want Malala Yousafzai to die?

Sheikh Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudary suffer from a twisted fanatical perspective which supplies them with ample delusions of grandeur as they presume to speak for God and condemn Malala.

Like the Taliban and the rest of their brothers in arms, Sheikh Omar Bakri and Anjem Choudary are abominable remnants of the dark ages.  These ever dutiful Jihadists have taken it upon themselves to declare a Fatwa on Malala.

The following is an update on Malala, her recent honors and other events, and a portrait of the misfits of evil who wish to destroy her.


Update Benghazi Cover Up: Director of National Intelligence, Department of Justice, and the FBI, Face New Questions

From ABC News: FBI Director Robert Mueller, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director David Petraeus appear before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Capitol Hill on Jan. 31, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

In the latest on the Benghazi cover up, as of Monday night, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has stated the intelligence community was responsible for the change in the talking points memo that removed all reference to Al Qaeda and a terror attack on the consulate.  The current Director of National Intelligence is James Clapper.

Top Senate and Congressional leaders vow to continue investigations, widening the scope of their investigation in the wake of this latest announcement.  Legislators have noted that like David Petreaus, who reported directly to James Clapper as the CIA Director, National Intelligence officials are now changing their initial story, and James Clapper has been asked to explain.

As legislators call for a select joint committee to investigate the overall cover up and state their intent to continue individual committee hearings, they continue to seek concrete answers on a number of critical issues in the mire of contradicting testimonies and timelines.

Legislators are also bringing the Department of Justice and the FBI under scrutiny for their role in the Petraeus scandal.

The following is an update on the latest in the Benghazi cover up.


Honor Under Seige in St. Lucie County: Congressman Allen West Leads the Charge Against Voter Fraud

Allen West Photo Collage

There is a serious miscarriage of justice occuring in St. Lucie County, Florida.  And though it may be occuring on the local scene in Florida, it is of national interest.  It speaks to the ominous reality of voter fraud, and it calls into question the integrity of a critical fundamental freedom: The vote.  It is also about to cost us one of our finest legislators in Congress, Congressman Allen West.

It cannot be stated here how important it is that the integrity of the vote is maintained.  It is the vote which installs every significant legislator from local councilmen, to the highest levels of power in the White House.  And these days, there is ample reason to suspect voter fraud on a national level.

At this moment however, in St. Lucie County, Florida, the nation is on the brink of losing one of the finest patriots in our Congress because of a combination of voter fraud and blatent incompetancy, or perhaps better said, voter fraud and obstruction of the vote.

What is at stake here is who really won the vote for Congressman of that district?  If officials and Democrats in St. Lucie county have their way, we may never know.  And this is dire for several reasons.  We cannot allow the integrity of the vote to be compromised.  Our leaders are representatives of the people and their role is a critical role that upholds the very foundations of our nation.  We also cannot allow public trust in the vote to become eroded. This has already occured somewhat because of rampant voter fraud cases in the Democrat party, and these cases have gained national and worldwide attention.  They have also made their way to the courts, and have been proven to have occured.

What is equally apparent, is that we cannot afford to lose a legislator like Congressman West for no other reason than that we are being forced to have bogus inexperienced legislators thrust upon us via compromised election results.  Particulary inexperienced legislators like 29 year old Democrat Patrick Murphy, who have nothing to show for their public accomplishments but a criminal record and a rise to Congress based on the highly questionable outcome of election results that have been awarded based on a technicality – a technicality that occured during a recount over votes that were in question from the onset.

And as Democrat Patrick Murphy, the 29 year old supposed “winner” of Congressman West’s seat, prepares to be sworn into Congress, that is exactly what is occuring.


Benghazi Cover Up, Dead Cats and Collateral Damage: General Petraeus, General Allen, General Ham, and Admiral Gaouette?

General Carter F. Ham and Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette

Something has bothered me for weeks that is now bothering me even more.  I don’t like to speculate without evidence, so until now, I have intentionally refrained from discussing the very questionable fate of highly decorated Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette.  I have also refrained out of respect for Admiral Gaouette, because his case is so shrouded in mystery, it is impossible to say what exactly happened.  But there are a few facts that are known that deserve to be noted.  Because in light of recent revelations in the ongoing Benghazi investigation it is theoretically possible that those facts may relate to what occured in Benghazi.

It has become very obvious this past week that General David Petraeus has become collateral damage in the wake of the Benghazi attack.  Could Rear Admiral Gaouette, decorated for outstanding leadership, and fired in the wake of Benghazi, be collateral damage from the Benghazi attack? Could General Carter Ham, equally decorated and esteemed, also in the Pentagon the night of Benghazi, and now mysteriously going into “early retirement” years before his time, also be collateral damage?

Is General John Allen, whose career has likely been destroyed for being too Southern and calling Ms. Kelley “Sweetheart” a case of collateral damage from the collateral damage that is obviously General Petraeus? What about General Petraeus?  Why did he tow the White House line and originally tell legislators and the American people that the atttack was carried out by an angry mob over a video – only to say after his firing, that it was immediately known to be an Al Qaeda linked terror attack?

Four highly decorated top brass commanders have fallen or been re-assigned since Benghazi. Why?

The following is an update on General Petraeus testimony yesterday.  It is also an analysis of the mysterious firing of Admiral Gaoette, the early retirement of General Carter Ham, and the not-so-scandalous but devasting plight of General John Allen, commander of US forces in Afghanistan.


Benghazi Cover Up: Legislators Emerge from Yesterday’s Hearings Outraged; Breaking: Petraeus Gave Testimony, Confirms it was known to be a Terrorist Attack

Three hearings occurred yesterday. The hearing before the House and Senate Intelligence Committees were both held in private.  The hearing before the House Foreign Affairs committee was open door.  Before the public, lawmakers vigorously blasted those responsible for the events in Benghazi that night and the misleading propaganda in the aftermath of the attack when the Obama administration told the American people and the world that the attack was over a youtube video.

This morning, the news is currently breaking that General Petraeus has just testified he was aware within 24 hours that the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi was a terror attack.  Nevertheless, lawmakers question why General Petreaus downplayed the idea of a terror attack during a very critical time in previous September 14th hearings three days after the attack.

Congressman King (R-NY) is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and he is also a member of the House Intelligence Committee. He was present as Petraeus testified this morning in a closed door hearing before both House and Senate Intelligence Committees. He emerged from the closed door hearing on the heels of Petreaus’ testimony and spoke to the press. Congressman King appeared restrained but determined, and he stated that Petraeus’ account of his previous testimony was at odds with his recollection.

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) of the House Judiciary Committee recieved a petition yesterday with 100,000 signatures from high ranking military veterans and others which demanded a special investigation lead by a special prosecutor.  Congressman Gohmert has taken up that cause, and is now demanding the same.

The following is the latest update on all of the above.


Benghazi Cover Up: Details on Tomorrow’s Hearings, Petraeus Offers Testimony, Eric Holder and FBI Face Questions

House Intelligence Committee: Ranking Democrat Rep. C.A. Ruppersberger (Left) Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich) (Right)

Photo from WTAX News
Libyan guard at Benghazi consulate fixes
note from Libyans against the attack,
Sept. 18, REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih

Four murdered American heroes, 3 investigative hearings, 2 disgraced generals, 2 questionable women, 2 sex scandals, and 1 cover up.  Here is where we are at in a nutshell:

Attorney General Holder and  FBI director Robert Mueller are facing serious new questions and inquiry over what they knew and why they failed to share that information when it was critical to do so.

In addition, the news continues to break over the sexual aspect of the scandals surrounding General Petraeus and General Allen, and threatens to overshadow three very important events tomorrow. Those three events are three hearings that the American people should be focused on.  These three hearings will be convened tomorrow, on Thursday, November the 15th, 2012.

Also today, the news is currently breaking that Petraeus will soon voluntarily offer his testimony to members of the House and Senate.

The following is an update on all of the above, including what hearings are to be held, who will be holding them, and what we might expect.